Advice Or Tips To Rejuvenate Your Love Life

Rejuvenate Your Love Life
Advice Or Tips To Rejuvenate Your Love Life

AFC’s, AMOGs, Chick Crack, LSE, LMR, Peacocking. Welcome to the world of the seduction community. A microcosm of the community who have their own abbreviations and terminology, which are, for the most part, undecipherable to the general populace.

This, of course, is not unusual. Internet Marketers have terms such as MLM, Affiliates, Click Flipping, Downlines, Uplines, Two-tier, and the list goes on.

If there were a formula for Internet Marketing success then would you like to know it? Well, that’s a subject of a different article. But, in the realm of dating, there are a number of multipliers that can improve your dating success exponentially.

There is a fascinating book entitled The Game by New York Time author Neil Strauss that looks at the underbelly of the seduction community where he lived and learns from one of the most famous seduction artists in the World – Mystery.

Neil, who describes himself as far from attractive, close to bald with small and beady eyes, and a malnourished look. His plan was never to change his personality but over the course of two years his personality completely changed and his alter-ego Style became more popular than he had ever been; especially with women.

Some believe that our brains still have remnants of ways of acting from caveman days when communities were typically around 50 people.

If this were true then if you were to go up to a cave girl and be rejected then that could mean you being rejected by the whole tribe and your survival and replication value would be fairly low.

Whether that is the case or not most of us know how scary going up to somebody you are attracted to can be – palms sweating, nervous gestures (e.g. hand wringing).

Many salesmen will have a proven script that they use to try and get a prospect to buy. Telesales teams may have many people all using the same or very similar script.

When you are going to be in a situation where you are going to be naturally nervous – doesn’t it make sense to have an idea of something to say?

For many the most they have thought about this is “Hi, How are you?” or “Can I buy you a drink? Certainly, that is better than standing next to the woman and drooling or perhaps muttering incomprehensibly but most likely it is not going to send her heart in a flutter of emotional excitement.

Coming back to the analogy of the salesman – they have a number of closes with strange names like the boomerang close, the Columbo Close (just one more thing.). In dating, you can have a number of openers to add to your arsenal.

One of the terms mentioned at the start of the article was “Chick Crack” and this refers to routines involving tests, fortune-telling, psychological games, and the like.

The purpose of having such a routine is to differentiate yourself from the majority of men – to pique their interest and to demonstrate higher value. Also, it means you have at least one default thing to say when approaching somebody.

A telemarketer may use a script written by the company and in the same way many people use proven routines that have been developed “in the field” at least at first. Neil Strauss/Style innovated a number of his own routines that are still in use by people today.

Ideally, you will want to develop your own openers to help you build comfort with a member of the opposite sex but to build momentum and get comfortable initially you can begin with proven openers.

A very interesting and important concept to dating can be found in the name of the book mentioned earlier – “The Game”. How is dating like a game? Consider you are playing a computer game on your computer.

You are playing and you lose – do you quit or do you persevere and try again? You find as you persevere you get better at the game and finish the level.

Sometimes you may try multiple times to complete a level – many times progressing a little further. The same analogy can be applied to dating – it’s not enough to speak to one girl and then if you don’t get a date to quit.

Imagine a telemarketer who called the first customer and they hung up and they don’t call anybody else for the rest of the day – they’d rightly lose their job. Many doing a job such as this may call 100 people in a day and get 0 or 1 sale.

As with many things – the more you practice the better you get. In the world of dating, this means putting yourself out there and honing your skills in the real world.

Does anybody comment positively on your clothing or hair? When was the last time somebody did? If it has been some time or you can’t remember then it may be a very good idea to address this aspect.

If you can afford it then you may wish to consider a stylist. If you wish to see the difference that can be made then you may wish to search on Google Images for “Neil Strauss” and I’m sure you will be able to see a before and after picture.

A final tip to help you in your dating adventures is to clear up a common myth many of you will have heard.

A helpful friend may suggest “Just Be Yourself”. This should be rephrased to “Be Your Best Self!” because most people live a life that is nowhere near the potential we have of who we really are or who we want to be.

So be your best self and best of luck in your dating adventures.