An Introduction To The Oday Sailboat

An Introduction To The Oday Sailboat
An Introduction To The Oday Sailboat

The Oday Company was one of the most recognized sailboat manufacturing companies of its day. 

They manufactured more than forty thousand boats before the company went out of business in 1991.

Their downturn occurred in the late 1980s when the economy was not as strong and sales faltered. After thirty-three years of designing some of the best sailboats made Oday close their doors.

They were known to build their sailboats for the average sailor. It was what made their boats so popular.

Oday Sailboats are known for their comfort and sailing ability as well as their spaciousness.

They will give an excellent windward performance. The rudder is larger than average and is easy to control.

If you are looking at the Oday 34/35 you will discover that this is a very comfortable sailboat. It has an orderly, spacious, and well laid out inside. The navigation area is on the starboard side, the u-shaped galley on the port side.

It may not be the most imaginative design below deck, but it certainly uses space efficiently. This is another reason for the popularity of these boats.

Oday Sailboats are wonderfully equipped for ocean cruising. But at the same time, they are made for ease of trailering. Particularly suited to this purpose is the Oday 25.

If you are one of these adventurers who like to drive until you find the exact right place before you begin your ocean cruise or lake tour this is the sailboat you are looking for.

Like other sailboats made by Oday, this one is very spacious with the ability to sleep six. So this sailboat will welcome your family for cruising.

One complaint you’ll hear about sailboats small enough to be trailered is that they are not big enough inside to prevent the stress of being in a small completely enclosed place for a long ocean cruise.

That is not true of the Oday 25. It was known for not being cramped because it was made to use all of the interior space possible. 

Including the galley, which was designed to give you headroom for a more relaxed dining experience.

The galley has a stainless steel sink, a refrigerator, and a stove with storage space for all your dishes and utensils.

As a matter of fact, Oday Sailboats are known for their extensive storage space.  This sailboat handles beautifully with an easy-to-use rudder that allows for a slow-paced journey or an adjustment to speed if you are in a hurry.

So, I suppose it is actually a little late for an introduction to Oday Sailboats since they are no longer manufactured.

But nonetheless, the boats, if well taken care of, will last for many years to come and can easily be bought used throughout the United States.

That means if you are looking to own an Oday Sailboat all you need to do is check websites or sailboat magazines and with a little patience you’ll find the one you always wanted to call your own.