Art Prints – The Next Best Thing

Art Prints - The Next Best Thing
Art Prints - The Next Best Thing

For an art lover, it would be so wonderful to buy and own all the works of your favorite painter.  It would be such an accomplishment to have all his works under your roof – protected and loved – for you to show off to your friends and families.

But that can never happen as most famous paintings are in museums or in private collections of affluent families.  And for an average person like you, all you can do is to visit galleries or look at the painting in the Internet.  But fortunately for you, there is such a thing as art prints.

What are Art Prints?

Art prints are imitations of the original artwork done by an artist.  This is so unlike posters where the quality is poor.

In art prints, they only use good-quality papers and materials, and with the advancement of technology, they became more vivid in color and more alive that they seem to be the original artworks themselves.

Advantages of Art Prints

There are a lot of advantages that art prints offer.
1.    They are way cheaper than the original work since they are only reproductions.
2.    They are very durable.  They last longer than the usual posters, and if taken cared of properly, they can last up to years for you to enjoy.
3.    They make good decorations inside your home or office.  With a good lighting effect, it will surely bring out the vividness of your art prints.
4.    They make good gifts to loved ones.

Disadvantages of Art Prints

So far, I can only think of one disadvantage of art prints.  If you are, indeed, a true art lover, art prints will never be the same as the original work, and if you are obsessive about it, arts prints will never be enough to satisfy your craving for that original piece even if the art prints you are looking at is way better than the original one.

Taking Care of Your Art Prints

If originality does not matter and you enjoy just having a reproduction of an original artwork to gaze at from time to time, then it is okay.  The next step is how to preserve your art prints for years to come and even decades.

One way of preserving your art prints is to frame it.  You have to frame the duplicate of the painting just like you would an original as this keeps the dust away as well as the grime.