Article Marketing = Profits

Article Marketing = Profits
Article Marketing = Profits

Article marketing is a professional way to increase your profits with very little effort! You put some 400 to 800 words on paper, submit to several sites and that’s it. Well, almost.

Your article needs to relate to a subject people are looking for information about. Someone wants to know how to take care of their animals (care, training, etc.); or maybe they want information on building a simple bookcase; or the basics of choosing a car; or…

Writing on a subject you know is the usual way to go about producing an article but with the advent of the Internet, we can write on any subject of interest to us, whether we have full knowledge of the subject or not. Why? Because today we have the ability to fully research any subject through the Internet, but that information into our own words, and publish that information.

For instance, one fellow bought a 1969 Roadrunner muscle car – a real wreck! With his knowledge about this, and other cars, he fully restored the car to prize-winning condition. He knows where every nut, bolt and screw goes. His knowledge can be turned into articles that help others.

Putting something of yourself into your article is a great way to get people interested in you and your subject. Not your life story just something simple, maybe an anecdote on something that happened to you. Remember; always be honest with your readers. You are creating a picture with your words, not just of your subject but also of you.

Just put the information down on paper – or word processor. Don’t worry about the grammar or sentence structure, or anything else. Make the article somewhat light – but informative, as you want your readers to follow up by going to your site for more information. Once you have the words on paper then you can go back and rewrite to make corrections and polish the article. Spend time on this aspect – this tells your readers something about you.

Now, admittedly that writing is hard for a lot of us. Using an outline can be one of the easiest ways to put an article together. Whatever you are producing will practically write itself with the use of an outline.

Having said that, it is a good feeling when you put your words to paper and know that others are interested in what you have to say. You and your information are valuable because no one in the world has your exact viewpoint on the subjects that interest you – because no one has your exact experiences!

Once an article has been completed, you submit it to sites that specialize in free content. In turn, others that have an interest in your particular subject pick up your article and the article gets passed around the web. It becomes – very Viral!

How does this help you? Well, at the bottom of your article is a little box called a resource box. This little box has a small bio on you with a website link. It contains your name, who you are and a link to the website you want people to visit.

A link which takes your readers where ever you want them to go: a website with information you are providing such as books, ebooks, manuals, services you provide, etc.

Just go for it – start researching your subjects and writing, putting information into words that have meaning to you and your readers and – PUBLISH!