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Bachelorette Party Planning

Till recently the alternative that girls had for a bachelor party that the guys had was just a bridal shower. Compared to a bachelor party it was always something more formal and less fun.

So, although the concept of the bachelorette party is something pretty new it has really caught the imagination of many of the brides-to-be and their closest buddies. 

A bachelorette party involves a night of fun and frolic.

A night when the girls get to share some naughty jokes away from the more formal setting of a bridal shower where even older relatives are present.

This is one last night the girl gets to spend with her friends before she steps into her married life. It is a night to let yourself loose and enjoy. 

Bachelorette parties are generally held at least two weeks before the actual wedding. This allows the bride plenty of time to prepare for the big day and also gives her enough time to recuperate from a sprain or bruised ankle which she might end up getting during the bachelorette party night if she has one drink too many. 

Invite all the guests well in advance and confirm their presence for the night. Before sending the invitation list do ask the bride to cross check the guest list to see if anyone important has been left out.

While deciding on the date, keep in mind the engagements your other guests might have and try and avoid cash of programs as much as possible. 

Since bachelorette parties are a direct take off from the bachelor parties, the occasional visits to strip clubs or hiring a stripper for the night always remains an option.

But girls generally have more fun enjoying the time with their best friends in some place nice. A trip to a spa can be one such experience, not only are they pampered and treated like princesses they also get plenty of time to share the naughty jokes and the laughs. 

Beyond the spas the girls can also go for a nice dinner in some restaurant. The restaurant can be the one that is the brides most favorite.

If the girls intend on boozing it is better to hire a chauffeur. That way the wheels will be in control while the girls party. 

Once you have had your food you can straight head for the disco. This is the time to let yourself loose and really be one with the mood of the party. 

If the group includes girls who are a bit sporty then going for long bike drives or doing a salsa dancing class can be great fun too. 

Once you are through with the nights revelry on the streets you can retire to a hotel room or a friends place.

Now you can sip some wine from the glass and raise toasts for the bride. It is not necessary that all the toasts have to be nice and cushy.

In fact, some naughty toasts would go well with the theme for the night. If you plan to have a stripper come over do consult with the bride and be sure that she would be comfortable with the man around. 

The one thing you should never forget is that the other guests are also spending with you and you should not be planning something which is beyond their means.

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