Benefits Of Air Purifiers To Your Health

Benefits Of Air Purifiers To Your Health
Benefits Of Air Purifiers To Your Health

Do you think that you are free from pollution when you are at home? This is a myth when you don’t have air purifiers at home. The shocking fact is the air inside an average home is five times polluted than the air outside the home.

This means that you breathe dirty air when you are at home. Thankfully, you can install air purifiers at home to remove pollutants present in the air. For a healthy living, you have to breathe pure air, and to purify the air you need an air purifier.  

While constructing energy efficient homes, you concentrate on sealing the home tightly, blocking natural ventilation. This reduced ventilation will circulate the same polluted air inside your home.

Do you remember the last time you opened the window and let the polluted air escape? As you don’t do this often, the pollutants and allergens will stay in your home always.

Pet dander, dust, and chemicals are some of the household allergens which cause asthma and other allergies.   

The reason for the increased number of respiratory diseases is because of the fact that we always breathe polluted air inside and outside home.

While you cannot purify the outside air, you can take steps to purify the air inside the home using air purifiers. These purifiers will remove germs and other microorganisms from air, ensuring a healthy air inside your home.

Apart from these, the purifiers also remove several airborne pollutants and ensure fresh, pure air inside your home.  

Many people grow pets and they know that pet hairs cause allergies. They vacuum their home often to keep the pet dust away. The hidden fact is that kitty litter dust and pet odors can also cause allergies.

You cannot see these pollutants as they circulate inside your home along with the air. Cooking odors, indoor pesticides, and aerosols also create air pollution inside your home.

Purifiers with HEPA and carbon filters can remove most of these impurities from the air, leaving clean air to breathe.  

In our day-to-day life, we use many chemicals which release volatile organic compounds. Paints, glues, varnish, disinfectants, and adhesives are present everywhere inside home releasing volatile compounds.

These chemicals cause allergies like irritating eyes, sore throat and respiratory problems in sensitive individuals. You might have seen some of your friends falling sick for unknown reasons after they visit your home.

This is because of the polluted air inside your home.  

All the impurities in air can be removed by installing appropriate air purifiers. The health care specialists suggest the use of purifiers to remove air pollutants at home.

These purifiers exchange the air inside the home with outside air for a specific number of times every hour. You don’t have to open your windows to let the impure air escape from your home.

This task is fulfilled with the use of an air purifier. To get the maximum benefits out of the air purifier, you should install the right purifier at your home.

You can find a number of models with various features; with proper knowledge about air purifiers, you can choose the best model for your home.