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Black Beauty, Glamour, And Media

Black is in.  There is no denying that.  If, in Hollywood, it was all about the white women being the stars of the shows and the movies then, and you rarely see black women and men in movies except as background actresses and actors, now, you see them all the time, and they are even the major characters of the movies.  So in the movies, you will see how black beauty is becoming popular.

Movies and Black Beauty

There are so many African-Americans in Hollywood right now, all of them having their own unique looks.  You have the likes of Halle Berry, a very beautiful and very powerful African-American black beauty. 

In fact, she is one of the popular actresses in Hollywood and has co-starred with many equally popular male actors.  Other actresses are Jada Pinkett Smith and Whoopi Goldberg, among others.

Music and Black Beauty

But the industry that the black beauty dominates is the music industry.  We can never deny the fact that the African-American population is good singers, and most of the popular singers in the industry, be it solo or in the group, came from the African-American population. 

You have the wonderful singing black beauty Janet Jackson as well as Beyonce Knowles, both popular and very beautiful girls.  Alicia Keys and Ashanti are also one of the popular beautiful girls that have made it big in the music industry.

Fashion and Black Beauty

The fashion industry also has had its share of black beauties, which was once a white woman-dominated industry.  Now, you have a black beauty standing like a jewel among those many white-skinned models, and trust me, she is attractive. 

Naomi Campbell, for one, is a famous black beauty that has graced many runways.  She has elegance and style that commands attention.  Another famous black beauty in the model industry is Tyra Banks.  She was a model once, and now she owns her own company and is the host of her own show.

Conquering the Business World

All these wonderful and successful black beauties have shown and proved that they can do what white women can do and even do it better.  There is also, without a doubt, that they have conquered the business world. 

It is no not rare to see a black beauty head the office meeting or be the head of the big company.  Take, for example, Oprah Winfrey, a black beauty through and through.  She truly is a black beauty with a golden heart that always reaches out to those who need help.

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