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Blogging As A Business

While the majority of blogs in existence are not business blogs, blogging as a business is gaining popularity.

Professional bloggers have emerged on the scene, and the possibility of cashing in on one’s blog does indeed exist.

A professional blogger is anyone who either gets paid to blog for someone else or earns money from their own blog or blogs.

While one blog that is monetized can’t really be called a business per se, when you develop your own network of blogs, you are indeed in business.

The trick to successful blogging as a business is to blog about topics that have high interest. You can find out what topics are most popular by using keyword research tools, such as the one provided by Yahoo Search Marketing.

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You can also use paid services for keyword research such as Word Tracker. Once you’ve weeded out top keywords and keyword phrases, and you’ve narrowed those down to specific niches, you are ready to blog.

But again, it will usually take more than one blog to develop a business out of blogging. One blog can make a person a full-time living, but it will take years before the blog reaches that status.

Ideally, you need to have multiple blogs on various popular topics to make any real money.

A professional blogger who is blogging for someone else does not own a blogging business. That person, instead, is a freelancer who is contracted to write blog entries.

If you are a blog business owner, you have your own blogs, and you blog yourself, or you hire professional bloggers to blog for you.

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Money is made from the blogs in a variety of ways. One of the most popular ways to make money from blogs is to use Google AdSense ads on your blog.

Combined with this, you should also promote affiliate products in your blog entries, and sell advertising space as your blog becomes more popular. You can also charge subscriptions for your blog content, making it only accessible to paying subscribers.

The important thing to remember when you decide to blog as a business is that you don’t want to get mixed up with splogs, or spam blogs.

These are blogs that are nothing more than spam that have Google AdSense ads. The purpose of the spam is to have top paying ads appear on the site and to get the site listed higher in the search engines. Splog owners never win so don’t go down this path.

Instead, make sure that all of your blogs are providing useful content and that fresh content is added on a daily or weekly basis.

This is how you will build ongoing readership and that readership is vital to your success. If people aren’t reading your blogs, you probably aren’t making any income from your advertisers, or from affiliate product sales.

To start a blogging business, it is a good idea to get a server that will allow you to host unlimited domains. This will enable you to pay just one fee per month, instead of multiple webhosting fees per month.

You will also need a domain name for each blog that you want in your network. It is also a good idea to link your blogs together in some cases, to create a true network.

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