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Buying Baby Slings

Portrait Of Busy Mother With Baby In Sling At Home

Often parents discover that their little one is a bit fussier than the other kids in the block. If you have a kid who can’t bear to spend a moment without being carried, the only option you really have is to carry him in a sling.

As much as you would want to carry your kid in your arms, your hands will give in to the weight of your kid is the periods of carrying your baby are much too long. A sling is the best solution. 

Carrying your baby in a sling has some definite advantages. First of all, it keeps both your hands free.

This means increased mobility for you and hence you can carry on doing your regular chores without neglecting your baby.

Close proximity between you and your baby also develops a bonding that has its affects all through the kid’s life.

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It also means he gets to participate in an adult environment more often thus helping his speech and cognitive development.

Carrying a baby in a sling also calms him down and he becomes less fussy. 

Types of slings  

Slings have been in use from the days of primitive man. Since the time men had learnt how to make clothes for themselves from animal hides, they have made slings.

However the options that are now available to us are numerous. There are slings which come with rings, both in padded and non-padded forms.

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There are also the tube slings which does not allow any adjustments to be made and finally the tie-on rebozo slings. 

Before you go to a shop and buy yourself one it is better you do a thorough research to find out which one would suit your needs most.

There is always the option that you can do some reading on the net but the people who can guide you the best are women who have already been moms before.

They have had a firsthand experience and getting to know from them is just like having it from the horse’s mouth. 

Having decided on the type of sling, the next thing that you should remember while buying one is the height of the sling.

It should be based on your height and you should never compromise and go for one that isn’t right for your height.

If you don’t find the proper one in the first store you go to, then keep looking until you get the right one. 

There is an advantage if you opt for a sling without padding as it can be used by both mom and dad.


Of course style is important, and you don’t need to worry on that count as there is a wide range of choices to choose from. 

Not only would you be spoilt for the variety of designs available, but also the array of materials they come in.

Go for the one that you find stylish and suits your taste without of course compromising on your child’s comfort. 


Look for the add-ons that come with the conventional slings. There are those that come with pockets where you can keep the diapers and wipes for your baby. Some can also be used as blankets or as a leash for your little tot.


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