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Buying The Right Cot For Your Baby

As you expect the arrival of the new one to your family it is better that you plan ahead. Cause once the bundle of joy has arrived it makes more sense to spend the maximum time with your kid rather than going out shopping for what your child would need.

It also helps if you have some time in your hand and do proper research before investing on something as expensive as a cot.

In fact, you might even consider doing without a cot for the first few months as a crib or a Moses basket does well enough. A full-sized cot is in a way much too big for an infant.

There is also an option to get yourself a second hand cot if the factor of price is crucial for you, but parents might have issues with that, as there would be many moms and dads who won’t quite like to compromise on their babies cots. 

Types of cots 

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If you have decided on buying a cot, the next thing on which you need to make your mind up is the type of cot you are going to buy.

The first thing that should be in your consideration is the issue of safety. Make sure that the cot you choose sticks to the industry safety guidelines.

It should be high enough so that our baby can’t climb out of it. The bars on the cot should not be more than 65mm apart.

It goes without saying that the cot must be strong and sturdy without any sharp edges or points jagging out.

Once you are convinced about the matter of safety you next need to decide on the shape of the cot you prefer.

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You can opt for corner shaped cots which fit snugly into a corner of your room. Or you can go for a more elaborate oval-shaped cot, which though uses up a lot of space, can later be converted as a junior bed or can be turned into chairs.

So, if you have the space it seems a wiser investment to go for oval cots as you can use it for a longer period of time. 

Features to look for 

Besides being sturdy, a cot also needs to be functional. There are a few basic features that every cot should come with and it is always wise to check that your cot comes with those. 

First of all, check whether your cot has drop sides, where the railing of the cot can be slid down so that you can pick up your baby and put him back in his cot without much trouble.

Also, see to it that whole sliding procedure is not too fussy and you can do it using only one hand.

In actual circumstances, its more probable that you would be holding your baby in one hand while sliding the rail with the other.  

Secondly, see to it, if the base of the cot can be adjusted. When your baby is an infant it would make sense to have the base at a raised level as it would make your work of picking up the baby or lowering him down in his cot that much easier.

But once your kid grows up you need to slide the base down so that there isn’t the risk of the baby climbing out of the cot. 

Thirdly, it is advisable to opt for a cot that comes with teething rails as your baby would sure be teething into those when his gums start hurting.

With teething rails in place, there is no danger of your baby chewing the wooden slats of the cot. The cot is also not damaged.




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