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Can You Have A Career As A Guitarist?

A career in music means combining your passion with your job for a living. When you choose a work you love to do as your profession, there is nothing that can stop you to reach the top.

So if you love music and guitar attracts you all with its romantic appeals, it will be the best thing if you choose the career of a guitarist.

To curve a niche in the career as a guitarist, you should be extremely professional without killing the artist that lives inside you.

It is not an easy task to strike a perfect balance between being an artist and being a professional musician.

If you stick too much to your artistic instincts, you might become too choosy to pick up professional assignments.

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To set the motion in your career path as a guitarist, you cannot afford to be egoist to play all sorts of music, even if they do not appeal to your sense of creativity.

As a musician, you might be dreaming of composing such pieces that will be appreciated even after you are no longer here on this earth.

It is a hankering of every artist who wants to relive their lives through their creations. But for that, you have to get some footing as a guitarist.

If you are too choosy in the initial stage of your career you cannot attain your ultimate goal as emerging as a guitar icon. So the first step of becoming a professional guitarist is to learn to compromise.

It is important for aspiring guitarists to develop a habit of listening. Invest in a good sound system and keep on listening to the works of great guitarists.

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Do not imitate, but try to imbibe their style in your own creation. If you want to become successful in your music career, you have to listen to others a lot but have to play from your own heart.

From listening to great artists, or even to your professional rivals, you will be well aware of your limitations. Try to overcome those limitations by good practice.

Practice and experimentations are the secrets behind the success of a famous guitarist. Never get afraid of trying something new.

As a professional guitarist, you cannot afford to restrict yourself to a particular style and cannot for that matter turn down the offer of any show where you are requested to perform a gig that is you are not very much familiar with.

In fact, these are the shows to prove your talent. Suppose, you generally do not prefer to play blue.

What you will do if you are asked to perform a gig in blue for your next assignment? Will you turn down the offer? Definitely not.

You have to put some hard work to learn the tunes. You are surely afraid to try something new at the stage.

But believe me, you will learn best and quickest out of this fear. So in the beginning, do not be to snob to restrict yourself to a particular genre, instead take all sorts of assignments, appear on every type of show for playing a variety of tunes.

These will provide you a great learning experience and broaden your horizon as a coveted guitarist.

Being punctual is very important for music professionals. Suppose you keep the producer on waiting by coming late in the studio and do you imagine this will be tolerated by him for long? You will not be called back for a second assignment.

Keeping time is also important for stage shows and even for the rehearsals. Always remember, it is a wastage of time for your audience or in case of rehearsals, your band members.

So always reach the place early and arrange your equipment on time. It is no matter how talented you are, if you make it a habit to keep others waiting for you, you can never make it big as a professional guitarist.

Last, of all, work on your appearance. Think of Miles Davis who perfected the art of combining good music and high fashion!

Consider wearing some catchy outfits when you are appearing before an audience in a stage show. While you are recording in a studio you should be neatly dressed, no matter if it is formal or informal.

No matter how talented you are, always keep yourself well-rehearsed, it will add to your confidence as a professional guitarist.

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