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Carpet And Allergy – Know The Facts

What has an allergy to do with the carpets? A jolt from the blue! Or is it like scratching your head and biting your nails and still keep thinking without getting a rational conclusion?

Don’t stress your nerves in understanding the connection between carpets and allergens. It is very simple because carpets are made of fibers and bacteria, fungi, dust mites can easily make rooms in these fibrous pores whenever moisture gathers around it or also in dry states.

Also, cockroaches, cats, and other pets if not directly cause allergies are great carriers of allergens and leave them to breed in your carpets.

Causes of allergy from carpets

v      The carpets are great hubs to store dust and dirt that even get embedded deep into the roots of the fibers. Allergists have researched that the breathing space between the fibers slowly gets reduced with fast accumulation of soil that come along with your feet, shoes and paws of your pets. These are visible carriers of germs.

v      But there are some invisible elements that also help the allergens sail into the carpet fibers and make a firm landing. It seems the carpets harbor microbes to a great extent. Air and water are such carriers. Water, if not directly, comes into contact of the carpets, how can you inhibit the moisture?

v      Bacteria, fungi and mites can easily be brought to the grounds of the carpet by the micro-hairs on the cockroaches wings and legs. Even rats dont stay behind in the race of causing this damage.

v      But the final victim is you and your family. Sensitivity to a particular substance can be dangerous and highly allergic. It can be in the form of skin irritation, continuous sneezing and something further unsafe and unstable than these. Children are the easy victims and most sufferers.

v      Years of research have deduced that preventing airborne allergens is quite tougher than any other form. Not only the dust mites, but also the allergens carried by cats, cockroaches and fungi have a keen chance to spread out in the air from the pores of the carpet fibers.

Preventions to stop allergies caused by carpets

v      Regular carpet cleaning and vacuuming is not only necessary but is to be conducted with sincerity taking at least the required time and not just run the vacuum cleaner for the sake of cleaning.

v      Proper carpet care especially in the zones where movement is frequent can prevent that particular area to get endangered of becoming a microbe den.

v      Put the carpets on dry floors and allow passage of air through it. This leaves less scope of moisture gathering and thus the chances of allergens to remain alive lower.

v      If your carpets are area rugs and not fixed to the floors, spread it out in the air under direct sunlight. The best and the most natural way to resist the growth of allergens, bacteria and fungi is natural sunlight.

v      Try walking on carpets with clean feet and even if you wear your shoes and step on it try to wipe out the external dirt on the mats kept at the entrance itself. Though you still carry dirt particles but this conscious effort reduces the burden of cleaning the carpets.

v      Not just the carpets, keep the entire house clean and allow fresh air and natural light to pass in. The more the ventilation, the lesser the chances of the breeding of microbes.

Feel good every moment in the place where you live in! That keeps you healthy, refreshed with more energy, and the urge to dwell in a hygienic environment, even if it is the interiors of your home. Why not then maintain the carpets? Keep them clean and free from allergy!   

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