Thursday, December 7, 2023

The Virtue Of Pride

Are you proud? What are you proud of? If you are proud, it is because of good things, right?

Good comes from good and that makes pride good. To be proud is to have something good to claim and even proclaim to others.

It is downright admirable. Shout out loud, be proud, and toot your own horn. Pride is a passion for self and a passion for life.

Passion breathes and breeds life. We live fully by the virtue of pride.

Pride is the awareness and acceptance of our own power of body and mind. Pride is the prize of our importance, which in turn moves us higher on the rungs of the ladder of life.

Pride is the “eye of the tiger” that compels you to fight to the death rather than bowing down to anyone.

Be mighty, be proud, and be mighty proud because the proud prime themselves for mastery, while the meek shall inherit slavery. Pride will keep you free.

Have the attitude of being a giant bigger than any obstacle and you will not fall or falter, but you will overcome and crash barriers.

Pride means having faith in what you can achieve, even if it is something no one has ever achieved before and is called impossible by others.

But being prideful, you do not accept the control and limitations of others, for you are the one who rules your world.

Lions live in prides. Listen to their mighty roar as they tell you how proud they are to be “King of the Beasts.” They win the game, then they eat the game, and live the life of a conqueror.

Natural Selection favors conquerors. Conquerors shape our evolution. They are the catalysts of the divine plan of the gods and goddesses. Wield your pride and become one. Nature rewards the bold and the proud.

A test of men in a large region of Asia found that 8% of them have Genghis Khan in their lineage.

There is a reason your ancestors are called grand and great, you should be proud of them and proud of yourself because they live on in you. You are the manifestation of their pride.

Pride is the natural outcome of honor. Other people and ourselveshonor us for our accomplishments and qualities.

Give pride to others by honoring them. Give pride to yourself by honoring yourself. To have pride is to have purpose, meaning, and integrity of being.

You have every right to be proud because you have earned it. Be proud to be alive because it is the strong that survive.

Be proud for what you are because you are a marvelous being called human. Be proud for who you are because you are unique.

Be proud for what you are to become, because your pride will mold you in one success after another. To be proud is to be great and to be great is to be proud.

Pride gives you a standard of excellence and is how you leave your mark on the world. You can build a renowned reputation with your name by having the pride in yourself to only put it on the best work you can do.

Determination, will, ego, and pride go hand in hand. They make the woman, they make the man, who demands and is in demand.

Pride is a fire of motivation and devotion to liberated ethical living. Pride is the characteristic of strength and dominance in those who unapologetically dare to seize and flaunt their highest potential for the good of themselves and others.

Pride means you believe in yourself. You exist and have a reason to exist. Pride makes you feel good. You feel good when you have a healthy self-esteem and respect for yourself.

You are worthy, you are valuable, and you deserve to have pride. Pride gives you personal power and self-satisfaction.

It is always best to have pride because it is always best to be pleased with yourself. It is good because no matter where you live, you always have to live with yourself.

You can run, but you cannot hide from yourself. If you have pride you would not want to run away or hide.

People do not run and hide from things that are good and pleasurable.

Pride is that self-assurance that attracts the good things in life like a magnet. Good things that you can be proud of, because they belong to your good, nay make that great-awesome-fantastically-stupendous-self.




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