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Cell Phone: The Revolution In Setting Trends

You always wear smart and trendy dresses – don’t you? In line with your cozy outfits your mobile/cell phone should also be a trendsetting one and awesome too in the eyes of the public. Don’t you feel so?

There is a revolution in the world of cell phones today wherein companies are offering new and innovative models one after another. So, you can easily opt for the best and trendiest model to go with your tastes.

Following are some of the considerations for ascertaining that your cell phone or mobile is a trend setter:

  • Self-expression:

The mobile is looked upon as a gadget reflecting yourself expression. However, you need to act economically too. Some of the Low priced yet stunning mobile handsets expressing you are: SONY ERICSSON K790i 3.2MP MOBILE BRAND NEW, Motorola V120t – cellular phone – AMPS / D-AMPS, Motorola C155, Motorola C139, Nokia 1100, Nokia 1108, Nokia 3155i, Nokia 2126i, Nokia 2600, Samsung SCH-A850, Samsung SGH-C417 (black), LG VX3400, LG VX8600, LG Migo VX1000, and LG VX8500 Chocolate.

  • Video:

Video is a new feature added to the cell phone and can create a massive impact in communication technology.

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Today you can easily download a video clip through your mobile phone. Latest video Mobiles in use are: Sony Ericsson k610i, Sony Ericsson k800i and Samsung Z140.

  • Voice Recognition Facility:

 In the near future, people can simply send the text messages without even writing a single word. Voice recognition software would be coming with a facility to translate the spoken words to be written out in text format.

Samsung will be the first to implement this kind of feature in its free-transcription mobile set. So, watch out. Get hold of the Samsung set that will feature this, (upon arrival) to be the trendsetter.

  • Camera:

The cell phone can now take snaps that are usually done by a camera. At present we are having a 2 to 3 mega pixels quality installed in the cell phone, but soon we would be having a giant increase in the mega pixel quality. A 7 million pixels SCH-V770 camera phone would be on its way.

Some advanced mega pixels camera mobiles to be considered are: Sony Ericsson P990i, Motorola RIZR Z3, Nokia 7373, 3G Nokia 6288, Samsung X510, Samsung i320, 3G Sony Ericsson W950i, Nokia 5300, Nokia E50, Sony Ericsson W810i, Nokia 3250, Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition, Nokia 6233 and 3G Nokia N93.

  • Cellular Game:
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Gaming facility is being redefined in the mobile phone. One can easily while away the off-time by playing games in the mobile which have the full color 3D graphics and top titles by the best developers.

Superb mobile games which can be incorporated are: Treo, Astraware and Bejeweled from Palm Inc., NFL cellular game from Gameloft and YDreams from Vodafone, etc.

  • Accessing internet:

Through mobile one can now access the internet too. Thus, at one go you can have all the e-information and perform all the task generally done over the internet. Sony Ericsson T300, Nokia 7250i Phone, Nokia 3595, Nokia 6020, Nokia 6590i, Nokia 3660 and Nokia 6200 are to popular sets offering this compatibility.

The mobile technology develops at a quick pace. Every day we get to find a new set being advertised. It acts as a benchmark of human achievement. And it sets a newest precedent in the human aspiration which again enhances the pace of cellular betterment. 

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