Perspectives Of Human Security And Safety

Perspectives Of Human Security And Safety
Perspectives Of Human Security And Safety

In a world free of any type of discrimination, is there a need for human security? Think twice without any biased views. What is the conclusion you have come to?

The world is full of discrimination and inequalities prevail in every sphere of living. Therefore human security acts as a controlling factor to bridge the gap between the dividing forces.

The economical globalization has given birth to such a time where the different perspectives of human security and safety are required to be re-looked and re-addressed.

Relation between human security and human development

Human development without human security is not possible. Similarly human security cannot meet its goal without the complementary support from human development. Both have to work hand-in-hand to make this world a better place for living in.

What are the threats to human security?

In the broader viewpoint you can divide the discriminating areas in the following way.

  • Economical discrimination
  • Social discrimination
  • Political discrimination
  • Racial discrimination
  • Ethnic discrimination
  • Terrorist threats

With time human security and safety tools have become an agenda in the global politics. If we turn to history, the seeds of human security as a definite concept will draw our attention to the second half of the nineteenth century.

Birth of the concept

Sometime around 1860 when the RED Cross Society formed its International Committee, human security’s first set of guidelines was placed. Things again revived more than a century later in the 90s, the last decade.

In 1994 the United Nations Human Development Report recurrently used the phrase human security and redefined it with a modern vision of development in the post Cold War background.

Redefining the ideology

The connectivity between human development and human security was thus affirmed with a new outlook. The UNDP coined human security in the most optimistic dimension leaving no stone upturned related with human development and prosperity.

The Report emphasized on seven clear aspects and focused security in terms of the following developments.

–         The primary importance was given to economy.

–         Followed by the broader terms of economical growth laid the importance of food.

–         Food is directly related to health. Hence health became the third distinct category of concern.

–         Environmental security included the combative forces against both natural and man-made threats.

–         The last three aspects depended on human relations. Personal security was the focal key.

–         The next will then relate to the community or society where the individual belongs to.

–         Finally in the list was political concern to bind the whole nation together in a secured way.

Therefore if you closely study the threats to human security and correlate them with the distinct facets of human development, you can easily make out that if discrimination is removed from the threats; human development actually turns to be human security.

Beyond primary needs The UNDP Report had given stress on the basic requirements of human needs from food and health to economical and political security in broader terms. But time propels with new changes and opens up with novel perspectives.

Therefore human security today concerns with fighting back to any type of violence created through gender discrimination, terrorist attack, devastation due to natural calamities and widespread diseases.