Physical Security: Importance In The Present Context

Physical Security: Importance In The Present Context
Physical Security: Importance In The Present Context

The concept of security has undergone a change in time. Though the literal meaning of physical security remains more or less the same but practically in the implementation, there is a huge difference.

Security against any type of attack on secret information, facility and assets related to media, IT and other computing objects is referred to as physical security in the e-era. The present context relates physical security mostly with the IT infrastructure.

The sectors which bother mainly about physical security regarding its key working module are banks, insurance companies, financial firms and the hard core IT organizations.

Any information or data misplaced, leaked out or stolen can make leaps and bounds difference in the business. Hence you can follow why physical security is the call of the day.

Safeguard to the IT environment

  • Now there is a difference in the opinion poll. A group of financial bodies specified that physical security is more relevant in giving a complete protection to the IT hub on real physical grounds.
  • Precisely the emphasis lay on a protective guard shielding the building from outside as well as keeping a close track of what’s going on inside the building or particularly inside the office.
  • Therefore posting armed security guards to remain alert so that no type of intruder is allowed inside without permission and proper checking is a good idea.
  • The gates and doors are kept under lock and key to physically hinder an intruders unwanted entry.
  • For the bank’s ATM outlets, the guard posted outside may take action against burglary taking place in real terms or someone stealing money by breaking the counter box. But what will the poor security do when forgery takes place by decoding the Debit cards Pin number. Someone else is transferring someone else’s money just by cracking the secret code.
  • How will you stop online transaction of financial secrets and money with physical security in the surroundings where everything happens on over the internet from any corner of the world? What will the security do standing outside the office?   

Therefore, physical security with posted guards for a sector like online networking is likely to be incomplete and insufficient.

Change in the conventionality

Let the argument on the importance of physical security in the present context for the IT sector continue. Just check out a survey report for better understanding.

In the European countries, especially in the UK, above 85% of financial organizations have regarded that physical security is very significant for the IT environment.

Again an exclusive group attached to online business has a more optimistic view towards physical security.

More than 50% of the online business makers prefer to arrange for a work station and the main office not in an isolated place but in the most secured office building.

Is it only for publicity and popularity?

When accessibility to this trade is entirely through networking, how does it matter where the office or the work space is situated?

A deeper study in this regard has specifically reached to the conclusion that physical security is prior even for this latest orientation in business with the coordination of IT through and through.

The conventional mode of physical security is not obsolete but re-framed and reorganized according to the needs.

The IT sector has to make its laws stronger and prevent the networking malice and malpractices. This in no way promotes that physical security can be ignored or put off.