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Safety Tips To Prevent Abduction Dangers

Whenever you open a newspaper you will find cases of child abductions every day. You have every right to get scared and think about necessary steps so that your child is safe. Here are some tips, which can help you to reduce the risk of your child getting abducted.

Teach your children the basic tips repeatedly:  Start teaching your children about possible dangers and how to save themselves from them from quite a young age.

Teach your children how to make calls from a cell phone or a regular phone or a payphone. Let them know what are the safe places where they should go and seek help if they are lost.

Teach them to trust their instincts. Always ask them to trust their instincts and to say no to adults with whom they are not comfortable.

Dangerous people don’t have to look bad: Tell your children that dangerous people might look very nice. They might seem to be very friendly, safe and helpful.

So to prevent your children from getting harmed by these people is to teach them that if they are approached by an adult stranger for any help or information they should immediately run and inform a trusted adult about that person.

Carry a current photo: Have a current photo of you and your child in your wallet. Write down about your kids special birthmarks or identifying features.

Secure your home: First secure your home and never ever leave your younger kids alone at home. Always ask your older children not to open the door to any stranger. It is better to install an alarm system in your house and ensure that all the outside doors, windows and screens are closed before you go to sleep.

Always keep the local emergency numbers at home so that your child can easily access them. Always supervise when your kids are playing outside and see if the playing arena is protected from the street and alley.

Check if your child is uncomfortable with anyone who regularly visits your home. Ask your kid why is he/she not comfortable with the person. And always keep your home well lighted.

No visible names: When you go out with your kids always take special care about their clothes. Don’t write the name of the kid in front of the coat or shirt. If you do this then strangers might use the name if they want to get close to the child.

Your child should call for you, and then ask for help from a woman:  Ask your child to call for you if he/she is in problem. Let them know your full name and call you by taking your full name and if they don’t get immediate response from you then seek the help of a woman.

Carry personal information: Let your kids carry a card having their name, address, phone number, blood type etc printed and also enough money so that they can call you in any kind of emergency.

Don’t leave your child: Always accompany your child to the restroom. It is better not to wait outside or go to any other area. Since abductors are always at work so it is better that your children don’t stay alone in any toy department or video arcade.

Ask them to yell: Tell your child that if a stranger tries to forcibly take him/her away and asks him/her to keep quiet then he/she should yell loudly asking for help, which might attract the attention of others.

Not to accept any gift, ride or trip:  Always ask your children not to accept any gifts from a stranger or to accept a ride invitation from a stranger in a vehicle.

Using a code word: Always have a code word or family password between all the members of the family. It should be simple and easy to remember but not easy to guess for the strangers. This will make sure that your child never goes anywhere with a person who does not know the code word.

Use these tips to keep your child safe from being abducted.

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