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Dealing With Myths About Stress

Stress is a commonly misunderstood subject. People have varied notions regarding the causes and symptoms of stress which are sometimes untrue.

It is important to understand that the causes and symptoms responsible for stress are completely individualistic in nature. It is not necessary that the cause of your stress is the same as that of your spouse.

Even the response to stress is varied. Some find it impossible to cope with stress and plunge into depression; the others react aggressively to the same stress conditions.

That is why it is important to identify the reason for stress and to take appropriate steps to treat it effectively.

You must know that stress in all cases is not harmful. It is beneficial to experience a slight amount of stress because it makes the body battle ready.

It becomes more responsive to threat situations and you are able to react to new situations in a better way. This is called positive stress.

You should also remember that nobody is immune to stress.  It is only that some people are able to manage stress better than their counterparts. 

They do not panic or break down under stressful conditions. Unsolved difficulties like pending deadlines and domestic or financial problems can be sorted out by dealing with them individually. 

It is best to follow a practice of prioritizing your tasks each day. In this way you are better organized and in control of situations.

You should never wait for stress to take complete hold of you. Even minor symptoms like headaches, anxiety, and occasional depression and mood changes should not be ignored. 

Most people are careless and do not take the stress signs seriously. 

These symptoms can gradually intensify over a period of time and correcting then can become a difficult job. It is always best to get rid of your stress problems as soon as possible.

You can opt for medical treatment or counseling. An alternative method can be self help.  Take time to assess yourself and try to find the underlying cause of stress.

If you do not show symptoms of irritability, anxiety or depression then it does not indicate that you are not suffering from stress. 

Stress is individualistic in nature. There are very high chances that the signs of stress can be mistaken for your general behavior or way of lifestyle. 

Since you do not show the common symptoms that are seen in people generally you have to work harder to identify the signs of stress.  Cases like yours require more attention. You can always seek professional help.

Medication and counseling are by far the most opted treatment for dealing with stress-induced problems.

Some people try a self help method which requires a lot of patience. The answers are not seen instantly.  

Nowadays, alternative treatment procedures like yoga, acupressure and meditation are also available. 

As a rule, you should opt for a treatment that suits you. You can always go in for a one on one session.  Do not try everything. It will only increase the pressure on you.


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