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Diamond Solitaire Rings – The Perfect Engagement Ring

Diamond rings have been associated with engagements and weddings for a long time. Way back in the year 1477 the Archduke Maximillian of Austria and Mary of Burgundy became engaged, and the Archduke chose a diamond ring to mark the occasion.

It is thought that was the start of the tradition of using diamond rings to mark an engagement.

A purchase of an engagement ring is an extremely important purchase.

When you’re buying an engagement ring you are doing something that is almost unique for most people.

You are buying something that you will both have for life. What else is there that you buy once – for your whole life?

A house? Not really. Or at least not for most people. The majority of people have a number of houses throughout their life.

A car? No. Never.

Is there anything else? Not really, it is almost unique in our lives when buying an engagement ring that it is intended to be the only one we ever buy.

Nothing is, or should be, more enduring in your life than the engagement ring you select.

So an engagement ring is a very significant and important purchase and diamonds mark such an important occasion perfectly.

Why diamonds? Why not some other beautiful jewelry stone?

Diamonds represent the ultimate. The best. There is no better jewelry stone than a diamond.

And no more expensive. By buying a diamond you’re saying “this is important to me and I’m making sure I get it right by buying the best”.

And the ultimate diamond engagement ring has to be a diamond solitaire ring. Why a diamond solitaire when there’s so many different and beautiful diamond rings? So many other choices to tempt you?

There are some beautiful three stone rings. Just magnificent rings worthy to adorn any finger. But they aren’t diamond solitaires. Three stones just don’t cut it like one magnificent stone.

A stone that a woman has to wear on her hand for the rest of her life has to be the best the couple can afford. It has to be a stone that she is proud to wear. A stone that shows her off to the world. It has to be a stone that people admire.

And that’s where a diamond solitaire stands out. It encapsulates the magic of love. It says look at me, I’m married and I’m wearing a magnificent diamond to show it to the world.

It makes a statement.

So, when your time comes to make that one and only purchase, that purchase for the most important person in your life and the only purchase you may ever make for life, make sure you get it right. Buy her a diamond solitaire engagement ring and make sure it’s a good one.

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