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Five Winter Wedding Ideas

Unless a couple is eloping in Las Vegas by themselves, a wedding should have some unique planning and twists to it in order to make the wedding memorable.

Inventing a winter wedding theme is one such concept, and in order to properly design a winter wedding, a few simple ideas could be put forth.

Probably the easiest winter wedding idea is also one of the simplest, which is providing simple twists on common wedding conventions.

For example, the wedding cake could be made in the shape of a snowman or a snowflake. While this is not the most elaborate of ideas, providing simple twists on common conventions is sometimes all that is required to present the appearance of a novel idea.

The wedding attire of the bride, groom, and bridesmaids can also be designed so as to embody the theme of winter.

This is another winter wedding idea that can be easily put in motion so as to create a wonderful winter wedding theme.

The use of silver, white,  and blue colored formal wear can provide an excellent evocation of winter and is highly suggested for those planning a wedding that is to follow a winter theme.

Selecting the food for the wedding should involve selecting food that closely follows a winter theme. This would involve hot items such as hot chocolate and cold items such as eggnog.

There does need to be a bit of careful planning involved, as one should not cross the line into territory where the wedding theme becomes murky and a Christmas or holiday theme becomes too pronounced.

The decor of the wedding should also follow themes that are consistent with the winter. This does not mean that the decor should embody specific winter conventions, but should at least emanate a certain color scheme that is more closely associated with winter than anything else.

That would mean using colors such as silver, light blue, white, etc. To use other colors not associated with winter would distract away from the theme and undermine the idea of having a winter wedding and turning the entire wedding into a generic theme instead.

For the actual wedding itself, sometimes the theme can be proactive as opposed to being passive.

One of the biggest myths about weddings is that they are passive and dull events. Well, the reality of the matter is that a wedding can be boring and dull.

There have been some enterprising individuals who can put a unique, active spin on the traditional wedding.

For example, there have been those fun minded individuals who will have their weddings performed underwater in scuba gear or even falling to earth while skydiving!

Now, for winter-loving people, a wedding at a skiing or snowboarding resort can provide the same theme of active fun to coincide with the wedding, while remaining much saner than holding the wedding underwater!

Ultimately, having a winter wedding is simply taking traditional wedding ideas and putting a minor winter spin on them.

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