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How To Choose A Fall Wedding Cake

When it comes to selecting a wedding cake, it seems that every season of the year has something to offer.

When it comes to autumn, there are all sorts of ways you can enhance the look of a wedding cake to reflect the time of year. Here are some tips on choosing the ideal fall wedding cake for your special day.

Autumn means that the leaves are turning into all sorts of beautiful colors. You can draw on those rich reds, yellows, and browns for your inspiration in your colors for the cake.

Consider having beading that picks up the fall colors to outline each layer of the cake. Along with the colors, there are the shapes and textures of the many different leaves as they fall to the ground.

You can incorporate some of that look of texture into the icing on the layers by having the patterns of the leaves worked into the facings. 

When it comes to adding flowers to the cake, look into what blooms in your area during the autumn months.

Chances are you will find several deep rich colors that you can use, such as a royal purple. Use real flowers on the cake, or have ones made of icing, picking up the colors of local flora and fauna.

The sky at sunset can also yield some inspiration for your fall wedding cake as well. Look to those rich hues to accent the white layers.

You can pick up those colors with the use of colored frosting or other embellishments, such as ribbon that has been loosely curled and placed to cascade from the top of the cake and puddling on the table immediately around the bottom layer. 

Finding the right topper for your fall wedding cake will also make a big impact. While you can go with the traditional bride and groom dressed in formal wear, it is also easy to locate other more whimsical ideas as well.

One idea would be using a snow globe with a country scene in it; this would certainly be appropriate if snow begins to fall in your area early in the season.

Perhaps you would consider making a topper that is composed of a few local flowers, some colorful autumn leaves, and tied together with some of the same ribbon that you used to cascade down the sides of the cake.

You could consider using a little ribbon mixed with a simple picture frame containing a picture of the newly married couple as well.

While choosing the perfect fall wedding cake, remember that there are so many ways to draw inspiration for the design.

Look to the colors of nature in your area for ideas on textures and hues that will work easily with the cake.

Consider using flowers that will be blooming at the time of the wedding and consider using them around the base of the cake, on the layers, or even to serve as a topper.

Don’t be afraid to go a little out of the box and do something different, if the idea strikes you as one that will look nice and fit into the overall feel of the wedding and the reception.

While traditions are great, appealing to the sensibilities of the two guests of honor is far more important.

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