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Fine Wine To Set The Right Mood Of Romance

What makes an evening truly romantic?  Candles, music, roses the list seems to be endless, but one ingredient without which the spirit of the evening seems to be missing is some fine wine.

Wine and champagne have always remained the integral part of celebration of love and romance.

In fact, for the diehard romantics a candle light dinner has no appeal whatsoever without a shared bottle of wine. 

Because wine is what relaxes you mind and lets you enjoy the company of your loved one in a way that any other beverage like beer would not allow.

But for the uninitiated, the world of wine can appear to be quite intimidating. There are thousands of varieties of fine wine with an assortment of colors and flavors and of course the difference in their ages.

Thus, when it comes to the choice of a suitable wine to complement your scrumptious meals in the next candle-light dinner with a special someone, you have to keep in mind some basic points while dealing with the selection of wine.

Those who are not seasoned drinkers, or newly introduced to the enthralling world of wine, experts suggest a sweeter beginning with such things as a sparkling wine or Sauvignon Blanc.

The dry red wines may not appeal to the taste buds of those who have been just introduced in the art of drinking wine.

So, if you are a young couple celebrating the Valentine’s Day, light and simple wines will be your perfect choice.

These wines are typically lighter in color and have a fruity taste ideal to satisfy the taste buds of these young drinkers.

Those are not accustomed to the wine drinking often mistakenly assumes, that more expensive wines help in more enjoyment. But costlier wines which are richer and drier have an acquired taste.

It is the type of dinner that will also to be kept in mind at the time of selecting the type of wine. As for example, Cabernet Sauvignon is a traditional accompaniment with red meat, while German Gewurztraminer can best complement the foods rich in spices.

Then occasion is the next important point in consideration. As for example, the popular choice of wine for Valentine’s Day celebration revolves round pink and red wines which are better known as rose and blush wines and also the dessert wines. The rose and bush wines stir up excellent mood without being too heavy for the new wine drinkers.

Let us move from the first time drinkers to the more matured drinkers. If you are planning for a grand celebration or you just want to impress your loved one, your choice is easy it should be nothing other than a bottle of Pink Champagne which is regarded as the quintessential celebratory wine.

This special variety of wine is produced in the north most regions of France near Reims and Pernay out of the grape varieties of black Pinot Noir and Meunier. On the other hand, white Champagne is made from black grapes.

Less expensive varieties of wine are made in the grape vines all across the globe and wine varieties from Spain, Australia and California costs much lesser than champagne.

Wine makes an excellent gift, and when it is presented in a beautifully decorated wine basket, the appeal of the gifts is even more enhanced.

Wine baskets are perfect present for any occasion and a romantic gift for both men and women.

But remember a man generally loves a bottle of wine like Bordeaux which he can open and drink immediately.

On the other hand, ladies will be especially pleased if their wine gift is accompanied with such accessories as corkscrew, crystal wine glasses or a decanter.

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