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Fragrance Ignites Romance

It takes continuous efforts on part of both of the spouses to add excitement and sprinkle fun to retain the romance in your married life.

There are various ways to do so, but gifts are the simplest ways for expressing your affection for your beloved. You can find an endless list of romantic gifts, but nothing parallels the appeal of a bottle of perfume which has been associated with romance since the beginning of history.

Although fragrance and perfume are essentially associated with feminine beauty, the men also consider them as fabulous gifts to receive from their sweethearts.

To put it in the words of Helen Keller, Smell is a potent wizard that transports us across a thousand miles and all the years we have lived.

Truly, we all have the experience as to how a particular smell takes us back to a particular day in childhood, or how it connects us to certain personalities or how some fragrance brings back the memories of certain events of past.

Similarly, there is a close relation between exotic scents and stirring up of passion in the hearts of lovers. The highly sensitive olfactory cells of human beings are most efficient in recognizing certain fragrances and there is scientific evidence that certain types of fragrances help to rouse emotion and sensuality in both men and women.

As in early Egypt, or in the other ancient civilizations, the women applied on their bodies fragrances extracted from flowers or animal organs to excite and attract their men.

In today’s world, women no longer spray perfume to please their men, rather they use particular fragrances to announce their individuality and their men start to identify them with that particular note.

And the same is also true of the men. Though not consciously used to attract the opposite sex, the fragrance does attract men and women to each other.

And this is the reason that when your beloved is not around you, a smell resembling that of her body makes you nostalgic.

Depending on the effect they produce over your olfactory senses, the perfumes can be of many types: floral, fruity, woody, spicy, chypre or oriental. 

Perfume makes the best gift when the scent rightly complements the personality of the recipient. So no matter, if you are a wife, planning to present cologne to your husband on his birth anniversary, or the man who wants to impress his fiancé by presenting an exotic perfume.

You should be careful whether the person can identify himself or herself with the type of fragrance. So, both the women and men should try to understand, what type of scent his or her partner likes.

If you are in a lookout for the most perfect fragrance for your wife or fiancé try out these world famous brands:

Eternity from Calvin Klein or Glow from J Lo, Obsession for women from Calvin Klein or Chanel No.5, the classic brand that all women long to possess.

For men, the wives can choose from these all-time-hit brands: Hugo from Hugo Boss, Male perfumes from Armani, Bvlgari or Polo.

The best thing about perfume is that you do not need the excuse of any special occasion like Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or wedding anniversaries to present a perfume to the person you love.

A bottle of exquisite perfume can be your best aid at any time to convey your emotion to the most loved person in your life. Rest assured, the perfume will rightly communicate your unspoken love to your beloved, for the fragrance is associated with desire and passion and thus perfume makes the most personal and warmest gift for the person you love so dearly.

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