Don’t Forget The Health And Safety Precautions

Don't Forget The Health And Safety Precautions
Don't Forget The Health And Safety Precautions

A new school term usually means going back to the old school grind. The child is once again exposed to different conditions, and needs to be strong and healthy to cope with the rigors and pressures of school life.

The proper way to make sure that your child is all set for the new academic year is to make a checklist.

The first thing on your checklist should be immunization. Make sure that your child is immunized against all diseases especially chicken pox and mumps.

Hepatitis A is a must if you are residing in a hepatitis prone region. If you are not sure of the immunization needs then you must consult your family doctor. Timely immunization is important to keep your child healthy throughout the school year.

Allergic reactions, especially those due to dust and food, are a major cause of concern. Food allergy is caused due to eating specific food items like shellfish, nuts, or eggs.

There is no cure for the allergy and the only way to prevent is to avoid all food items that contain the ingredient your child is allergic to.

You should also notify the teachers about the allergy and hand them the appropriate medications to be given in case of a reaction. Ask your child also to refrain from eating those food items.

If your child is asthmatic make sure that his teachers know how to use an inhaler. This is extremely helpful in case of emergencies.

Also, ensure that your child carries an inhaler at all times and keeps a spare one in the school infirmary.

Speak to the sports coach and limit the number of exercises the child should do during the sports hour.

Games that require a lot of running around like soccer or hockey should be avoided by your child.  

For youngsters who are sports oriented make sure that they play only after donning their protective gear.

The protective gear includes extra padding, mouth covers, helmets, and arm and knee guards. These will protect them during the playing session.

All children love burgers, French fries and other junk food. Make sure that you do not put too many of these junk food items in your child’s lunch box.

Balancing the nutrient ratio is very important for your child. Prepare a nutritious breakfast that includes fruit juices and cereals, and regulate the quantity of fatty food.

As your child progresses from a lower grade to a higher grade the book load also doubles. Hence, make sure that the backpack is of the right size and made of durable material.

Do not overload the backpack and make sure that your child uses both the straps for wearing the backpack.

This will help in balancing the load and prevent any back injury. Allow the child to spend plenty of time to relax and to de-stress.

It is extremely important for the child to be prepared both mentally and physically for the new term. A relaxed mind can help your child in focus throughout the whole year.