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Dress To Impress: How To Dress In An Interview

Many people have wondered what to wear the next morning to the interview. Which dress could clinch the job for him or her? But there are no set rules.

The choice of each interviewer varies and you hardly would have any clue about the interviewer’s choice. So what should you do? The answer is easy. Stick to the basics.

1.       The fundamental rule is to dress one or two levels higher than the job you are seeking. Suppose you are going for the job of a pizza delivery guy, you wont be entering the interviewers office in t-shirt and with a cap on.

You should instead wear a well-ironed shirt, and a nice clean pair of trousers. You can put on a jacket but that’s not necessary.

By wearing a dress of a level or two higher than what you would need to in your job, you show how much you care about your job. It also shows that you know what you need to wear.

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2.       While getting dressed for an interview try and understand that you wouldn’t get the job for the way you dress, but through your dress you can ensure that you will be at least no disqualified because of the way you present yourself.

If you are too unconventional with your dressing you might stand out, and not always in the positive sense of the term. So dress conventionally and avoid causing too much of a stir through the kind of clothes you wear.

3.       Though it is sensible to dress conservatively, at times you can use your judgment and make some minor alterations.

If you feel it would be too cold to go out just in a suit and if the company you are interviewing for allows some leeway you can consider wearing a sweater for the interview.

Just see to it that it isn’t too flashy or colorful. Solid shades in sync with your shirt and trousers should do well.

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You can obviously find out if there is any dress code for the interview and if you are allowed to come in casuals, you would not need to take out your expensive designer suits.

But still, going for an interview in collarless shirts should be avoided. And preferably one should put on a jacket even if he isn’t wearing a tie.

4.       To get the job you have to make a few adjustments. It is true that very few jobs would need you to wear a tie and a suit.

But if you wear them to an interview it shows you care about the job and you don’t want to lose it.

If you reach the interview room with rings in your fingers and your eyebrows pierced, your interviewer may not take it in very good spirit, if you are still willing to take the risk then you are free to.

So the basic thing is that you have to be a bit more sensitive to what you are expected to wear in an interview.

It is true that the interviewer wants to find the real you, but why to make it obvious, especially if your dressing sense has the risk of eliminating you from consideration.

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