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Easter Bunny

The Easter bunny is a huge part of the Easter holiday for most people. There are so many kids and even adults that look forward to the Easter bunny making his annual visit year after year. 

In many Easter traditions, the Easter bunny represents a magical icon. He or she brings Easter candy and gifts to each and every one of us. 

They sneak in at night while we are sleeping and leave us great surprises for us when we wake in the morning.

During the Easter holiday, it is fun for most children to get all dressed up and go and visit the Easter bunny at the local store. 

They wait in line every year to sit on the Easter bunnys lap and smile for the camera. 

It is a wonderful thing to see a child sit in the lap of the big floppy Easter bunny.  Many parents treasure these photos for years and years. 

Part of the Easter bunny tradition is to get our Easter baskets ready the night before with grass and colored Easter eggs in them for the bunny to deposit our goodies. 

For a lot of children the excitement is almost as great as the anticipated arrival of Santa Claus at Christmas time.  Children cannot wait to wake in the morning and dig into the great goodies that are left behind.

Some kids who like to color their Easter eggs for the big holiday like to make a special egg for the Easter bunny himself. 

The kids decorate the eggs a certain special way for their furry friend. Then, the kids will leave the Easter eggs out for the bunny to gather when he arrives with their treasures. 

If you are someone who is planning an Easter party, you must consider having an Easter bunny at your party. 

You can get someone to dress up in a bunny suit and get hopping for the children and even some of the adults that come to the party. 

This will be a huge hit and have everyone getting into the Easter spirit.  You can either buy your own Easter bunny suit or you can go to most costume shops and rent a bunny suit for the party.

You can either get someone to dress up in the bunny suit or if you cannot get anyone to do this precious task, you can rent a bunny for your holiday occasion. 

There are so many different parts of the Easter holiday. The most fun and the most known one is the Easter bunny. 

You can find decorations to decorate your home and office with. You will be sure to find many holiday decorations that have the Easter bunny in or on them. 

You will be able to find this great decoration at almost any store or decoration store around.  

The best way to get your home ready for Easter is to display great Easter bunny decorations out around your home. 

This is a sure way to get you and everyone around your home ready for the great and joyous Holiday. 

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