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Throw A Garden Party This Summer

As the summer season approaches the party scene also hots up. Summer parties are generally considered to be a great time for family reunions but that does not necessarily mean that you will have to restrict your parties just within your family.

Get your friends to join both the present and the past. What time can be better than the summer months to call your near ones over and have a blast?

When you plan for a summer party it need not be on a beach or by the poolside of some expensive hotels.

Your backyard would well serve the purpose if put to use imaginatively. But for that, you need to plan ahead and prepare yourself with some time in hand.

Clean up

The very first thing you need to do is to clean up your garden. Make sure nothing is lying around, the grass is mowed properly and the plants look fresh and lively. See to it that nothing is left in your garden that can be hazardous for your guests. 

Choose a theme 

No party works perfectly if it hasn’t got a theme. So when you are having a party do get a theme for it.

For an outdoor party, you can have themes that relate to nature. You can have flowers and leaves as your theme.

Once you settle on a theme see how you can incorporate it to the different elements of your party.

For example, if you choose flower as your theme you can make special invitation cards with flower petals glued to them.

With little artistic sensibility, you can work wonders. You can carry the theme of flower during the meal also by using plates with flowers printed on them. 

Back up 

Though it is an outdoor party you can never count on weather. If it rains have back up plans. Have a tent ready where your guests can find shelter in case of inclement weather. The tent serves a dual purpose. Even if it doesn’t rain it gives a feeling of camping out. 

Have some shade 

See to it that there are ample seating arrangements for elderly people. Also, remember to put some shade over the seats. This will also come to use if some of your guests have problems to stay out in the open sun.

The lights 

If your party is in the evening, lit up your garden with lanterns and string lights and candle pots. You can even have a candle lit dinner.

And if you really want to experiment you can even have a campfire. Make sure that the steps and slopes are illuminated properly. 

About bugs and insects 

Though we often tend to overlook this aspect before the party it becomes quite a nuisance during the event.

Make sure you have insecticides sprayed a few hours before the party or else the smell is too repelling. In case there are mosquitoes keep some mosquito repellants handy. 

The food

For a garden, party barbecue is always a huge hit. But in case you don’t have a gas barbecue you can improvise with a charcoal grill.

Sandwiches and snacks can also be an option. And if you don’t want to have food made at home there is also the option of takeout food.

It makes sense to serve the food in paper plates and use other disposable utensils. Have neat looking garbage cans placed strategically for trash so that your guests can have easy access to them.

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