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Plan A Bachelor Party

Even a few years back the general reputation for bachelor parties was that of a night of drunken debauchery. But over the years the concept of bachelor parties have gone a sea change.

Not that no one has strippers during a bachelor party, but men have learned to be more imaginative in hosting the party. Girls and booze are no longer mandatory for a bachelor party.

Instead, the focus these days is more on camaraderie and enjoying the night out with your closest buddies.  

Plan ahead 

Generally bachelor parties are hosted by someone from the bridal party. So once you have drawn up a list of invitees ask the groom just to scan through it so that no one important is left out.

Also make sure that everyone invited for the bachelor party has also been invited for the wedding.  

Plan the bachelor party at least a week before the big day. Generally both the bride and the groom have a lot in their hands and it makes sense to allow them at least a week to totally concentrate on their wedding day.  

What to do? 

Since men are being more imaginative with their bachelor parties there are now in fact loads of activities they can indulge in. they can go to a soccer or baseball game in a group. That is sure to be a lot of fun.

They can even have a game among themselves. Anything from softball to basketball to bowling can be tried. The real agenda should be to have fun. 

What could be even more fun is to be outdoors and plan something exciting like hiking or camping out. With the right mix of people this can be a night to remember. 

For food, the group can drop into some restaurant and have their pizzas with some beer. If serious drinking is planned then it is better to do so in a hotel room or some friends place. Make sure you have someone sober wholly be there to drive you round.  

The issue of having strippers for the night is a tricky one. As much as a bachelors night is about spending one last night as a single person it also is in a way a transitional phase when your buddy is pledging a lifelong commitment to his beloved.

Very few women would be completely comfortable with their would-be husbands fooling around with strippers just before a week of their wedding. So before you hire a stripper make sure it wouldn’t hurt the groom’s sentiments.

Even if you do hire one, see to it that the groom isn’t embarrassed or uncomfortable about the entire thing. 

Things to look out for 

Have the transportation ready and keep the person on the wheels well informed about the night’s plan. You won’t enjoy the party as much if you are constantly being asked to give directions. 

While planning the party also be considerate about the other guest’s purse. Although you may be in a mood to splurge someone else might have to stick to a budget. 

Carry a camera with you. This would be a night of many memories. It makes all the sense to treasure them. And for the wedding album, you would have some lovely snaps to contribute. 

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