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Easter Candy

Easter candy is the favorite part of any child’s Easter basket.  From the traditional jellybeans, peeps and chocolate bunnies it has become a huge part of the holiday. 

Hot cross buns were treats used in the early times in Europe. Some cultures today still make them and give them as treats. Today, more candy is made than before than any holiday.

Many companies make special candies just for Easter. They will change the colors and patterns of the candies. 

The usual candies available will then become out in pastel colors and have shapes of the bunny or flowers on them. The chocolate bunny is the most favorite among children. 

Now, the chocolate bunnies can be filled with caramel or peanut butter, or even white chocolate.

Over the years candy factories have changed the candy Easter bunny. Easter comes in behind Halloween when it comes to how much candy is sold for that special holiday. Easter candy has always been a part of the celebration.

The Jelly Bean is a favorite at Easter.  It comes in many different flavors than before. Around 1930 the jellybean became a large part of the religious holiday. 

The bean is shaped like an egg.  The egg represents new life and that is how the jellybean has its shape.

The chocolate bunny is a growing desired candy wanted in everyone’s basket. The bunny has always been a symbol of Easter and to celebrate that it is in chocolate too. 

This is becoming more popular every year, with more choices of what the bunny can be made of. Plain chocolate, hollow, solid, peanut, white chocolate and many more.

Hot cross buns are a part of the Easter history.  Representing the flour and how it comes to represent life, this is then made into bread.

Typically, the buns will have an icing shaped in the form of a cross on the top of them. This represents the cross that Christ was on when he died. 

This is another tradition that has been around for years to celebrate the life and death of Christ. 

There are many recipes available for this also. In schools today there is even a song written about hot cross buns.

Every child and adult has that sweet tooth. Sometimes, the adults can even be caught sneaking candy out of the children’s Easter baskets. More Easter candy is made today than before. 

Easter candy is a way to show the way people celebrate the religious holiday. 

There are many candy recipes for this special holiday. Marshmallow Peep salad, cookies, truffles and more recipes can be made

However, many people have their own favorite candy. As the holiday is celebrated the candy at Easter is a much loved by all.

Some households are steering away from candy and treating their kids with toys, crayons, stuffed animals or games. 

Sometimes, the parents will buy the children or themselves a nice outfit to wear to services. This is not always fun for the kids but it is a way that parents still celebrate the Easter holiday.

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