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Hosting The 1st Birthday Party? Here Is What You Need To Know

For any parents, their baby’s first birthday is special. And most of us would want to make it memorable. But we must also remember that the kid won’t enjoy or remember anything.

All that a first birthday means to him are snaps or videos that he would get to see once he grows old.

So the party should be planned keeping two things in mind. It is basically a party for grownups where the kid is the center of attraction.

And secondly, your kid is still only one, so the length of the party must not exceed over an hour and a half or else he can end up real cranky. 


The theme of the party can be characters that are favorite to kids like Mickey Mouse or Sesame Street. Or you can just make the theme on the digit one. You can even make interesting themes based on your baby’s favorite toy. 


When you are inviting guests keep the number to a minimum. You should be inviting only the people who are really close to you, your immediate friends and families.

You can even invite a few kids and toddlers but in that case, you have to invite their parents too as they would need individual care too. 


For a party that would last no more than an hour or so, it doesn’t make sense for elaborate arrangements of food. Instead, you can opt for fun foods like animal crackers and cookies, sandwiches, cakes, and ice creams. For adults, you can have stuff like cheese, pretzels, and cut foods. 


The decorations should be based on the theme of the party. Try and breathe life into space with balloons, streamers, stuffed animals, and photos of your baby.

You can have one snap of your kid glued to cardboard where you can ask your guests to write something.  

Games and activities 

You can think up many things to do during the party but remember you have only an hour or so. So nothing too elaborate.

One very good idea is to watch videos of your kid’s first year as he grew up. But restrict the viewing session to around 10 minutes. 

If kids are invited to the party you can have some games too. One very interesting game and a lot of fun for kids and adults is Portrait Time.

All you need for this game are a few drawing sheets and some crayons. Give each of your guests a sheet and maybe two to three crayons. Hold your baby in such a position where he is visible to all.

Then let everyone do a portrait of his. But the trick is that the time allotted is just 30 seconds.

Once the first round is over move the sheets to the next person in a clockwise direction and they again try their hands for 30 seconds.

After several rounds, you get some of the most amazing portraits of your baby. A real fun activity. And you sure can treasure the portraits. 

As you entertain your guests you should also remember that your baby would need your attention. So get someone who’ll be able to help you out in keeping the party going while you are busy taking care of your little one.

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