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Entertaining At A Family Function

There is an entertainer in everyone. The difference between the entertainers that you see and the ones that never make an attempt at performing is that those who actually perform love it more.

Those folks have that love for being in front of a crowd will do it whether there is a large audience in a big venue or a small group of people gathered at a family function.

Now, entertaining at a family function, that is quite the misunderstood performance.

Entertaining at a family function can be a fun endeavor because there are so many different ways one can entertain.

Magic tricks, singing, and telling jokes are all ways to entertain at a family function. The secret to properly entertaining at a family function is a fairly well known, albeit routinely ignored, secret: do not make a fool of yourself.

What constitutes not making a fool out of oneself? Well, it is not hard to understand what one should not be doing at a family function unless one is totally clueless or down right dumb.

But, just for recreational purposes only, here are a few brief tips as to what type of things to avoid at a family function.

The first tip is to keep the humor at family friendly level. This should go without saying, but it is shocking how many people will stand up in front of an audience of kids with their parents and relatives and launch into off color or inappropriate humor.

Always avoid making this boneheaded error by exercising good judgment and common sense.

The second tip is to avoid using any performance as an attempt to belittle or degrade someone in the audience.

When Uncle Joe gets in front of the microphone and decides it is a great time to rip on Cousin Jake, Uncle Joe isn’t so much giving Cousin Jake what he deserves. Uncle Joe is only succeeding in making a fool out of himself.

Don’t show up on stage drunk. Title tells all. Why some lunatics feel the need to get plastered at a family function in mind-boggling, but some people seem to get a real kick out of it.

Throw the beer bottle away and grow up before hoping on stage.

Here is a more positive tip: always be upbeat and positive. Take a chipper, upbeat attitude.

This can usually be achieved by pointing to a relative in the crowd and telling a story about them that is flattering.

This will, invariably, get the crowd into a good mood. People want to be happy. Just give them an excuse and they will head to happiness in a heartbeat.

And, most importantly, do what you are best at. If you are really good with magic tricks, do them!

Don’t try to muddle through singing instead because it may be more expected. If you perform the skills that you are good at, your enthusiasm will shine through which will make the performance even more exciting and memorable.

Exercise a little common sense at a family function and ones performance will be a real humdinger.

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