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Five Dating Nightmares To Avoid

Dating should be fun and it should be a precursor to more wonderful things. The promise of romance is blooming, and there’s no better feeling than waking up every morning in anticipation of your next date and the many wonderful things they entail.

But not all dates would prove wonderful. In fact, some dates already have telltale signs of disasters waiting to happen. It’s all about the person you’re dating, you see.

If he or she exhibits some signs that are quite telling of an unhealthy relationship that may arise out of the date or dates you will have with him or her, then it would be more prudent to avoid them as early as possible.

What are these signs? More particularly, what are these types of people that you should not entertain any romantic inclinations with?

– A person on the rebound.

Yup, we’re talking about a guy or a gal who just came from a heartbreaking relationship. Chances are, he or she would just be looking for a spare tire, someone who would make him or her forget about his or her recent relationship.

What’s wrong with that, you might ask? Well, a relationship is all about appreciating each other. How could your partner appreciate the totality of your being when his or her mind is still dwelling on his or her previous relationship?

– A megalomaniac.

He or she would be easy to pinpoint. During a date, a megalomaniac would talk about nothing but himself or herself. Sure, he or she might listen to what you have to say, but will he or she be paying any attention?

Just as quickly as he or she would lend his or her ears, a megalomaniac would almost, always talk about himself or herself once more. A relationship is supposed to be a mutual thing. What good is a partner who’s more concerned about his or her affairs than yours, right?

– The conditional date.

They’re the ones who are so fixated with technicalities. ‘What would we call ourselves Sweetheart, darling, baby or honey?’ -This should be an open relationship, meaning, we’re together but we’re free to date whomever we want to go out with.

“I could only meet you every weekend, past 5 p.m.” They impose so many things on relationships that have yet to be finalized. And often, you get the losing end of the stick.

Do not be swayed by their tactics. Impose what you want as well, give them a piece of your mind. If they’re cool with it, then swell. But if they’re not, you’re better off with someone else.

– The freeloader.

This is applicable for guys from whom some chivalry is expected. Going Dutch is alright. Treating him once or twice is acceptable. But him asking you to pay for the bill every time?

Such would be quite telling of what relationship you could expect from the guy. Will you be alright with the thought of being his sugar mommy?

– The bore.

Whereas a megalomaniac can’t keep his or her mouth shut, a bore would find some difficulty opening his or hers. A date should be fun, and it should promise a wonderful and exciting relationship, should you choose to pursue one.

What good is a relationship if your date is a bore? You’ll just end up falling asleep in his or her company.

Final Words

Indeed, dates should be treated as a trial run for a possible relationship with the person we are going out with.

When such a person shows some signs that manifest any of the personality types we have discussed above, you better think twice. You wouldn’t want to get stuck in an affair that might prove unfruitful after all, right?

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