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Footwear Fashion: What’s In And What’s Out?

A Manolo Blahnik shoe might be your dream footwear. Manolos have really become a trendsetter in footwear fashion.

But every time your pocket might not permit for this brand name. In that case, will you step out of fashion? No way!

The latest 2006 trends in footwear come with a wide range of designed shoes and sandals to be worn on the forthcoming gala celebrations.

Malone definitely leads the list but Prada, John Lewis, Jimmy Choos, Zac Posen, and many other footwear designers are also in the top list.

And there is a happy note. They have set the trend within the reach of everyone. You will cherish the gradation of prices and find the purchase quite relaxing when you play against the price tag in the showroom counter.

If you are over with your New Year shopping including the footwear, its pretty fine. But if you are yet to buy your shoes, just take a look of the below given suggestions.

We bring before you some exclusive designs of footwear which are in and going hot in the fashion fiesta.

Feel of gold

The golden glow is designed to heighten the latest glam version. John Lewis has designed the golden deep wedges shoes with denim rope borders and a golden belt.

The leather with the golden feel signifies the glamour and gravity of the lady who wears them.

This particular pair of wedge shoes will look havoc on denim skirts with fine hemlines and layered frills all over. The price fixed by John Lewis definitely targets classy people.

But down the line something for general mass have also been designed as replica of the original golden wedges shoes. And that will befittingly suit to your budget. The Miu Miu solid wedges with stacked heels made of wood and coated with fabric designs are great alternatives for the golden wedges.

Metallic platform heels

The metallic shine is in and the matt leather finish is out. Probably Christmas 2006 wishes to excel on a burnish touch over the wax polish in its footwear collection.

The metallic gold platform shoe from the Miss Selfridge footwear collection is unique in style, design, and above all comfort.

Even the River Island Footwear for women has designed metallic shoes in the range of 90 and 100. If you want them a slight cheaper, dont buy the pair of metallic shoes but select the comfortable metallic pumps.

They can also be put into your daily wear after you are through with your gala celebrations. You can buy them easily at about 50.

Golden leather sandals

The golden leather sandals with decorative beads and bows in fine ornamental style have occupied the center stage of footwear fashion. The trend reflects a traditional touch with the sleekest feel.

The John Lewis collection of this type of designed sandals seems to revive the Heritage of Roman footwear of gladiator style in the hi-tech fashion world.

Fancy shoes and fabric-covered pumps are among the most wanted in the high street collection. Office goers prefer these designs because they are a combination of fancy and ease.

Precisely the latest trend in the footwear fashion calls in for the feel-good aspect in your movement which is the key to attraction and admiration.

All designs will go in vain if you can’t walk properly with the particular footwear. All designs work superbly when the comfort aspect is truly maintained.

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