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Are Hair Bangs Creating Trouble? Check A Few Easy Solutions

You had got them cut for style. And now things are turning to be troublesome. Sometimes disgusting too!

Hair bangs are those hairs you have specially trimmed to line up on your forehead and if not regularly maintained or cut, they will come straight over your eyes and cover your face.

Generally when the hair bangs grow, they need a trim to maintain the length adjusting with the forehead region and if not then grow them till that length that it can be kept in the sides along the ears or tied up. Of course the latter one provides no more bangs.

You often get the bangs shaped to add a curly bounce in that layer that easily floats on the forehead, making your face beautiful.

In case of short hair, the hair bangs have to be measured to the right length and often trimmed from time to time.

Things take frustrating shape when the bangs are no more in their shape and start thinning from the bottom and lose the original shine.

Often the hair bangs go pale with time and proper hair dressing specifically meant to keep the bangs rightly in order should be a part of your hare care regimen.

The primary solution of your bang problem is getting it rightly shaped always whenever you require.

Doing so is neither laborious nor does it take long hours but whoever does should have the basic skills of handling scissors and cutting hair.

If the bangs are in the right shape and position, look for their condition. This area is often irritating.

The bangs sometimes lose moisture, sometimes they are too sticky and oily and sometimes they just seem lifeless and create an ugly image of your face.

What is to be done to alter such a condition of your hair bangs?

Just trimming can give you the length and shape but the way you really wish to wear the bangs remain unfulfilled with this tool.

For this purpose you first of all need a blow dryer and then a hair straightening apparatus.

The bangs are given a slight lift on your forehead to gather a volume and applying wax or hair gels gives them extra glow.

Now, how do you arrange the setting using the blow dryer?

Shampoo your hair and condition them well. When it’s time to use dryer, blow-dry the bangs and simultaneously brush them with a round brush.

This shape of a brush helps to fold and turn the bangs to give it the desired shape and bounty bounce.

Whenever the hips move, the bangs do the magic and become the most appealing feature of your face.  

Blow dry method is clubbed with the straightening technique to give the bangs a better form.

But straightening of hair causes the hair a bit of damage because it is generated through heat energy and extra heat can easily break up the hair fibers.

It is preferable to condition your hair bangs before you visit a salon or to blow dry or straighten them and get them right into shape.

You can also conduct the entire process sitting in front of your dressing table. Only you might need someones assistance.

It is better not to leave bangs simply with the blow dry treatment and use regular combs after that.

Use rollers at two ends both from the frontal direction and backward curve. Fix them for the time being you are busy with the rest of the dressing material and make up.

Open the rollers and feel the bangs. Gently sprinkle hairspray and allow others to fall in love with the difference.

You are all new. Believe it or not! Once again someone might propose to you. No kidding! Mind it!

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