Four Big Fat Lies That Teens Believe About Body Image


One of the most important issues facing our teens today is their overall health. Weight is one of the biggest health issues being faced by millions of teens.

Excess weight is one of the biggest adversaries of a positive body image, particularly in girls and young women.

Unfortunately, these females are buying into some big fat lies that can hurt them emotionally and can also cause physical harm.

These big fat lies have been around for a while, and are kept alive by gullible consumers who listen to dubious marketers. We will go over these big fat lies one by one, in no particular order.

Big Fat Lie: You absolutely have to look like your friends.

The Truth: No you don’t! Listen up here! In some circumstances, it is physically impossible for two people to be the same size.

Your friend may be able to eat anything and everything and never gain an ounce, but that my friend is genetics. I know it stinks that you can’t eat half what she does without gaining weight, but that’s life.

It is far more important for you to be healthy than it is to fit in your friend’s plaid skirt. Trying to “get down to her size” will only make you crazy, so be healthy and be happy.

Big Fat Lie: Only losers can’t diet their way down to a supermodel thin body.

The Truth: (add buzzer sound here)! Wrong! Are you aware of the fact that supermodels are thinner than ninety-eight percent of the female population? Look, everyone has certain genes, which will determine their body type.

It was written in stone before you were born. No single body type is better than the others, so you’re stressing out over something you can’t control.

Less than 2% of the population that has the supermodel look, which means that there are actually very few people who look like that.

Big Fat Lie: Boys like only the incredibly thin girls.

The Truth: While it may be true that teen guys like to gawk at the super-thin girls, it is another matter altogether when it comes to dating.

Most teenage guys are petrified of “very pretty” girls and feel more than a little awkward around them during the teenage years. In fact, they feel far more comfortable with regular girls.

Big Fat Lie: How a person looks is the only thing that matters, not how they get there.

The Truth: This is what is known as faulty logic. The most important thing is that you are healthy. If you are so concentrated on attaining a certain look that it is adversely affecting your health, then you are punishing yourself for absolutely no reason.

Think about this for a moment. If you are doing something you know isn’t good for you simply to look a certain way, don’t you realize it will catch up to you? If you abuse your body, it will only take it for so long, and then it is payback time.


Don’t measure yourself worth by another person’s standards. Endeavor to stay healthy and fit by maintaining a proper diet with plenty of exercises. Be healthy, be happy, and most of all – be you!