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Gemstones That Enhance Romance In Your Life

From time immemorial, gemstones have been adored not only for their alluring beauties, they have always been associated with magical prowess that may bring considerable changes in one’s life.

The gemstones in multiple hues and in various shapes and sizes, were always believed to yield power that can heal the ailments, bring wealth or bring forth success in life.

Most importantly, several gemstones, precious or semi precious have always been believed to carry Cupid’s arrow in the heart of the one you love.

The colored gemstones are claimed to have great power of persuasion. A gemstone gift is not only a great way of showing your devotion to your lover; they are believed to have great power to enhance the love and commitment in your relationship.

Some of them prevent your lovers drifting away from you, while some of them have the great ability to bring back the lost love in your life.

In the Eastern philosophy, gemstones are prescribed according to your Zodiac signs while in the Western World, it is mainly the listing of American Gemological Association that determines what type of gemstone you will need to lure love and romance in your life.

Here comes the description of some of the gemstones that are believed to possess power to enhance romance in your life.


Can you imagine an engagement ceremony without a beautiful diamond engagement ring?

No, because from time immemorial this gorgeous and expensive gemstone has been associated with love and power and the men of courage have always regarded diamonds as the best means to win the hearts of the women they admire.

On the one hand, the diamond is viewed as a sign of eternal love, on the other hand, diamond is probably the stone that led to the highest number of bloody battles in the history.

However, according to Western Astrology, those with the Zodiac sign of Aries get benefited from wearing diamond and it is assigned the birthstone for April.

Diamonds are the traditional gift for the 75th Wedding Anniversary. This hardest substance in the whole world is believed to render triumph over enemy if dreamt about and its indestructible characteristics symbolize a couple’s eternal commitment to each other.

In any case, diamonds are truly the girl’s best friend, as you are sure to win the heart of your sweetheart with a piece of diamond where all other means have failed.

Rose Quartz

This pink colored crystalline quartz is believed to have many mystical Properties. It sparks off positive energy and thus signifies hope and aspirations in love.

It will also enhance warmth and tenderness in your lover. This is a great stone to bring back the fidelity in your lover.

It also helps to retain youthfulness and placing a heart shaped rose quartz beside your bed is believed to create a magical spell of romance between you and your partner in a way that no other means can do.


Aquamarine engagement ring might have become a rage only in the recent times, but it has been always been regarded as the stone for love and eternal youth.

The azure in aquamarine reminds you of the endless depth of oceanic blue and is regarded as the great luck enhancer for those associated with sea professions.

A gemstone prescribed for those with Zodiac sign, Pisces, is a birthstone for March- borns.

It is a stone not associated with passionate or sensuous love, it has a calming effect and the new brides are believed to find consistency in their love life if they wear aquamarine.

For the much married couples this beautiful stone rekindles love and inspires affection.


A rare and very expensive gemstone Alexandrite displays a green hue under natural light which is transformed into reddish purple under artificial light.

It is supposed to bring luck in love if worn near the heart by harmonizing male and female energies. A June birthstone it is associated with Pluto and Scorpio.


The fierce red of ruby, garnet or spinel is believed to ignite passion in your relationship while, pearl is also believed to have great aphrodisiac magic. Moonstone is also believed to help the lovers to discern their lives together.

Thus there are many gemstones, some are precious, some are semi precious, that can improve your love life.

Choose one of them to draw the person near you, but once you have won the love of your life, do not make delay in eternalizing your love by presenting your sweet heart a beautiful diamond engagement ring.

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