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Get Romantic In This Monsoon

There is something magical about the word, monsoon. There is a typical romantic resonance associated with the word that takes off guard even the most pragmatic person in the world.

The imageries associated with monsoon, that of torrential rains bringing the normal discourses of life into halt, the damp grounds underneath and the earthy smell emanating there from, chilly air and ecstatic plant life all conjures up a day in the calendar belonging typically to the rainy season in the South of the USA.

Although, in the USA, rainy seasons are not so much pronounced in the sense they are in parts of Asia, Australia and Africa, still a typical day when the dark ominous clouds sail over the sky or dripping tree leaves from a spell of rain swing in the crisp air of the season, we become nostalgic and the nostalgic yearnings are followed by a feel of romance.

These are the days, when we feel an uncontrollable desire to do something special, to speak something new to the person we love or engage in something novel that complement our heightened emotions.

From a point of view of a hardcore realist, rainy season is nothing but an outcome of temperature differences between the land and the sea.

But we cannot deny the emotions of love, yearning and romance that rain fill us with. The way raindrops are absorbed by the earth, symbolizes the union between long torn-apart lovers.

This explains why rain evokes both the emotions of longing as well as celebration in us. There are agricultural countries in the world, where rain appears as a kind gesture of the Mother Nature who showered on us her good wishes of well being in forms of rain.

Whatever may be the reason, there is a close link between this season of rain and our being overtly emotional and romantic.

Then why not enjoy the season in a different way and assimilate the romance in the air in our own heartbeats? Here we offer you a few tips so that you can enjoy the rain with the love of your life in the most romantic way.

Imagine, those dark cloudy and windy days when raindrops are incessantly pouring down on the earth to create an endless music of yearning melodies.

These days are definitely not the time to waste by sitting in the corner of your room. This is the time to head off for romantic destinations like hills or beaches where you will feel the impact of heavy rain in its fullest impact.

Imagine being stuck in the cottage on a hill top where you and your beloved sitting hands in hand in utter seclusion from the outside world and experiencing the landscapes getting slowly wiped out in front of your eyes as if by the stoke of an artist.

If mountain is not your cup of tea, than you can try the beaches when it rains.

On the one hand, it is the time of the year when you can find the beaches in their most secluded state without any crowd of the tourists, and on the other hand, the beauty of the harshness of the sea under the background of vast expansion of dark grey sky is something.

That makes you bend down before the mighty nature and you feel secured by sensing the warmth of your loved one by your side.

Well, if you have problem to take leave during this time of the year, a great way of enjoying monsoon is to set out for a long drive with your partner by your side.

Driving through the secluded roads, through the greenery that received a new life from the rains and over the washed away roads are something, that are sure to spark off romance in the hearts of every couple however matter of fact they are.

At intervals, get down from the car and get drenched in the rain together only to get dried up by the warmth of love of each other.

If you are not so much inclined to an outdoor celebration of monsoon, you can have a romantic escape right in your home.

Light up the fireplace and put out the light, sit close together, sip coffee accompanied by some crispy snacks and discover the magic of monsoon in a new light.

To spice the things up, read aloud a romantic novel or poems or watch a romantic movie together.

If you are a person who loves activity and energy, you can head off to the nightclubs that arrange for the exotic rain dances and monsoon special nights.

So, spend at least one day of the rainy season in each other’s company, and experience the magic of monsoon together. You will long for rains to go away just to come again soon another day.

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