Growing Basil At Home

Growing Basil At Home
Growing Basil At Home

Ask any gardener whether they like growing basil at home and most of them will answer you with a ‘yes’. This is because this plant is versatile and most importantly, it can be used in preparing your meals.

Irrespective of the weather condition of the city or town that you are living in, you can grow this versatile plant in your home with ease.

There is no doubt that this plant is a wonderful herb and one of the best things about this herb is that it can grow in any location in the world. Moreover, it is not difficult to grow.

I don’t know whether you are aware or not, but people believe that basil has medicinal properties and this makes it one of the most popular herbs that are grown in most homes.

Now that you have decided that you wish to grow basil at home, you must be wondering how you can go about starting this project.

The good news is that I am going to tell you about how you can grow basil at home in this article.

Site location with sunlight

The first thing you will need to do is look for a location in your garden that gets direct sunlight.

One thing you should know about growing this plant is that basil does not grow well in cold weather. So, you need to look for a spot in your garden that receives plenty of sunlight every day.


Another thing you should remember when it comes to growing basil at home is that the soil should be fertile. If you want the leaves to be bigger and better then you need to ensure that the garden soil is rich in nutrients.

It is true that there are some plants that do not require much food and nutrients for growth but basil is different because the more food the plant gets the better it will grow.

Liquid fertilizers

To ensure that the leaves grow bigger and fast, you need to give sufficient quantities of liquid fertilizers to the plants.

On the other hand, if you are into organic gardening then you can make use of old teabags, eggs, and kitchen waste instead of fertilizers.

I don’t know whether you are aware or not, but the more to feed the plant the more it will take in.

In simple words, basil cannot get enough of food. While basil will thrive if it gets plenty of sunlight and water, this plant can also do well even if these two elements are not obtained in sufficient quantities.