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Health Watch – Live Longer And Better Lives

You are never too old or too young to start watching your health.  Today’s toxic environment compels us to be extra cautious about what we eat and what we do. 

Unfortunately, today’s busy society has likewise compelled us to ignore warning signs and health hazards in order to keep up with the pace.

How many times have we wolfed down a huge burger and fries in place of home-cooked meals because it is so much easier to order take out than prepare our own food?  We are so busy all the time that we always eat on the go, not allowing enough time to properly digest our food.

We have seen health advocates remind us to watch what we eat on a daily basis because we could be paying dearly for it sooner or later. 

But unless we seriously feel something wrong with us, we ignore the small signs and go on with our unhealthy habits.

Annual Checkups

As a rule, we have to have yearly checkups just to make sure that we do not have any incurable disease or to catch the disease, if any, at an early stage and nip it in the bud before it spreads. 

While it can prove to be, expensive especially for those who do not have insurance, it could very well save your life.

Women especially need to have themselves examined for breast cancer and ovarian cancer once they reach their late twenties at the very least. 

For breast examinations, these can also be done at home.  Ask your health care professional on the proper way to do a self-examination of your breasts to find any irregularities such as nodes or cysts.

Your healthcare professional can show you how to proceed if you find any lumps.  Ovarian cancer, too, seems to develop easily nowadays because of the wrong foods we regularly take.  These oily and fatty foods have serious effects on our health, and we just choose to ignore them because they do taste good.

Hot Flashes

If you’re in your late forties up to about mid-fifties, you could be experiencing some hormonal changes that wreak havoc on your body’s cooling system including your temper. 

These hot flashes are usually signs of a woman starting the menopause stage.  Some start on it early while others not later than around 50.

Contrary to popular belief, hot flashes are not signs that you are an old woman already.  Like I said, some get it early, so its really a matter of your hormone imbalance. 

Most women find these hot flashes irritable and frustrating because they can’t put a finger on how they are really feeling at any given time, but they can be managed.

Again, your healthcare professional should be able to help you with this and give you medication to manage your symptoms. 

It is also best to seek your healthcare professional when you start experiencing things in your body that you find out of the ordinary because they can help you detect if there’s something to be alarmed about or not.

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