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Home & Hearth: How To Buy Kitchen Cabinets

Nothing, and we mean nothing, influences your kitchens look more than the kitchen cabinets that you install. After all, your kitchen is a true reflection of your dedication as a homeowner and a homemaker.

And you can really play around with your kitchen cabinets so that they adorn your kitchen in a mix and match of original designs and cool colors. So how to buy kitchen cabinets that reflect your personality is the theme of this article.

To begin with, you can either buy the kitchen cabinets straightway from your local home supply store or you can have them custom designed. However, buying kitchen cabinets may be the easier option for those who dont have a lot of time to spare for picking the custom-built cabinets.

Also, decide whether you want European-style (frameless) or face-framed cabinets. Each style has a number of doors, wood, and finishing options.

The first thing you should keep in mind when buying new kitchen cabinets is what type of wood has been used in the construction of the cabinets, as well as the quality and finish of the construction.

Before you opt for any particular series of cabinets, check to see whether the hardware to go with it in the form of hinges and knobs is readily available.

Nothing spoils the look of a kitchen cabinet more than mismatched hardware. However, you can save here by substituting brass-plated knobs for solid brass, and plastic pulls for solid surfacing.

Next, you have to choose the color scheme. However, you have a way out here if the color scheme of your choice isnt immediately available. You can easily buy the cabinets in the design of your choice and then re-paint the outside in your preferred colors.

Kitchen cabinet doors can be re-painted using any color and texture. They can even be stripped, if you so wish, using chemicals readily available at all home supply stores.

Now you must consider exactly in what position you want the kitchen cabinets. You may have decided upon a particular space and then gone out to buy kitchen cabinets, only to find that the space you selected is larger or smaller than the cabinets you have bought.

That is a disaster, as we’re sure you’ll agree, so make sure your measurements are accurate when you place your order with the supplier.

Remember to buy only essential cabinets, because you don’t want a cluttered kitchen, and you can limit yourself to an affordable budget.

Make sure you have chosen a durable set of kitchen cabinets, and a good way to do so is to opt for plywood panels and not particleboard. Another economical option is laminate, which also has the advantage of looking chic.

However, you may not always want to buy kitchen cabinets as a whole set, and may wish to replace some sections of your cabinets. In that case, make sure that you don’t deviate from the general color pattern.

That should tell you how to buy kitchen cabinets. Any questions, ask us!

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