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How Can You Tell Whether Your Date Likes You Or Not?

For some of us it is not always that obvious whether someone likes us or not. Some may say, well look it’s obvious he doesn’t like you or can’t you see she couldn’t care less?

Well, sometimes, what’s obvious to others isn’t so to us!

So, how do we recognize those tell tale signals when we’re out dating? The best approach is to learn to recognize those that tell us he or she is interested, so from there we can determine whether we can spot any during our date.

If a person you’ve just met promises to call you after your first date and he or she doesn’t, then forget it! This is an obvious sign that they’re not interested.

And if by chance they call days or weeks later, it’s probably just because they can’t find anyone else in.

This might seem a bit harsh, but that’s the plain truth; if someone cares he or she will phone when promised.

If you think that someone likes you, wait for them to ask you out, do not take the first step if you are a girl, even though he may be shy, he’ll find the courage to ask if he really likes you, so stand around and wait to find out.

After your first date you receive texts with sweet messages even though you’re both busy. This is a clear sign that the person is thinking of you, even though he or she may be with other friends or at work, you’re just there in their mind all the time.

On your first date he walks you right up to the front door, just to make sure you’re safe. This might seem old fashioned, but it’s a sure sign he cares and wants to see you in safely, or even hope for an invitation indoors!

In both cases, you can be sure he likes you, or he wouldn’t bother getting out of the car! Don’t be tempted to invite him in the first time, there will always be another you can be sure, just accept a goodnight kiss and then plan to meet again.

A man loves to play around a while and he will respect you all the more for not having invited him in the first night.

When the person you have been dating starts planning, that is a sure sign he’s head over heels.

Men usually aren’t in for plans, but if he finds enjoyment in organizing outings for you, this is a sure sign he wants you to have fun with him and doesn’t want to disappoint you, at this point you’re surely in his good books!

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