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How Do You Tie Up Your Hair With Style?

Hot summers! And you need to put up elegant attire for your best friend’s wedding anniversary. Well the party wear can be somehow managed but what about the hair style?

Alice was really annoyed with her middle length u-cut brownish hair and really could not figure out how to go for style yet avoid the stinky heat? She was not at all ready to leave it open just clipping it from center.

Alice, there’s nothing to get depressed with your hair! It is lovely and you are beautiful. Don’t worry; nothing can reduce your charm!

Wear your style and tie up your hair that perfectly matches with your pitch color gown.

Just keep ten minutes worth of time fix your hair when you sit down for your make up. Either begin with your hairstyle or keep it left for the final touch whichever way you like!

  • i. Wash your hair and dry it properly.
  • But before tying it, apply a spray of water so that while handling the hair, no fuss of hair slipping down or coming out.
  • The do up the style which you are wanting to go for to shape it part-by-part.
  • ii. Take a small strip containing a few strands of hair.
  • Brush it well and tie it in the shape of a ponytail and stretch it to the top and fix it firmly with a hairpin.
  • See that this gives a shape of a coil with two ends closed together.
  • iii. Such coil-shaped twists in the hair have to be made in turns every time taking some hair and then tyin g them up together.
  • iv. One thing here is to be mentioned. Actually when you turn and move your hair and tie up these thin ponytails, it might happen that you lose control over them and finally the top fixing becomes untidy.
  • v. Always it is better to use a broad rubber band for holding the entire hair into it but with looseness in the hold.
  • Once the hair lot has been gathered, it is easier to have a grip on it. Then slowly pulling out some strands and tying the knot becomes convenient.
  • vi. Every time you give a turn to a small strip of your hair, they actually gather together on the back top of your head and given a shape of a flower with loop-shaped petals each pinned together to shape your hair.
  • vii. You can use beads or pearls attached to hairpins in those parts where one knot is attached to the other.
  • Don’t put all your hair in the knots without leaving some ends loose. This will add up to your style.
  • viii. Actually, such loose ends are left for simple adjustments in shaping the hair loops as you want them to be. They can be pulled out at ease and also tucked in to bring out slight alterations in the shape.
  • ix. Now the exclusive part in this type of hairstyle is that you remain carefree and there is no need for the hair brush to be pulled out from your vanity bag and comb to set your hair straight every time.
  • x. You look graceful with this hair style and its uncommon among your friends.

So, Alice you can easily enchant others and draw their attention straight to you at the party. The hairstyle and your outfit is a perfect blend to shape your personality.

Look at her; this will be the whisper all around. Find it yourself tonight! 

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