How Sea Salt Can Offer A Healthy Solution For Body Cosmetics


Sea Salt is produced by the evaporation of seawater. In many of the warmer climates, this can occur simply by the heat of the sun, while in locations with cooler climates this can only be done with the use of fuel as these places are not hot enough for natural evaporation to occur and hence produce sea salt.

The Mediterranean and other countries that boast a warm to hot climate are where you will find beauty products and body cosmetics that revolve around sea salt offering an array of all sorts of healthy beauty care products.

There are many types of beauty products made from sea salt and each plays a particular role in the health of our body and skin.

Sea salts for bath taking contain sea salt as a primary element and are added to the water in your bath, which is meant to have therapeutic and healing properties.

These bath salts should the right mineral content and have to be properly prepared to be effective.

The most popular areas these salts come from are mostly the Himalayas, the Dead Sea, Pacific Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, and the Great Salt Lake in Utah, USA.

It is also important they contain additives for cosmetics that should have added fragrances, oils, and foaming agents as well as other similar additives.

Epsom salt is commonly used as a bath salt and it has many benefits such as reducing the prune look of skin.

These salts change the osmotic balance of the bathwater, which will avoid that your body absorbs more water and reduce the ugly prune look you usually have when you bathe for long periods in freshwater.

Magnesium sulphate is one of the main components in bath salts and has anti-inflammatory properties that help the body keep healthy by avoiding a cellular breakdown.

Phosphates are also found in bath salts and have a detergent action that softens the skin and any calluses, these also help exfoliate the skin and keep it smooth.

A high concentration of sea salts in water is used in flotation therapy because of the way in which salt increases the specific gravity of water making it more buoyant and helps relax the body and tone the skin.

Diseases such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis are actually treated with high concentrations of sea salt in water; this is why many people go to the Dead Sea for therapies for these and other skin ailments.

Other physical benefits can be had with sea salt such as the stimulation of natural circulation, relief from athlete’s foot, corns and calluses as well as relaxation of tense and aching muscles.

Rheumatism and arthritis as well as chronic lower back pain can be cured with high concentrations of sea salt in water.

Certainly, a good sea salt soak can encourage deep relaxation, relief from stress, and will promote restfulness.

Sea Salt should be one of the main ingredients to keep in your bathroom to help you keep your skin and body healthy.