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How To Boost Your Business By Targeting Women With Indoor Marketing

If you want to boost your business in today’s marketing world your efforts should involve trying to target women customers, who statistically spend more on products and services than men do.

Women are the ones who decide for more than eighty percent of household expenditures and have the last say on purchase matters.

Although statistically, they earn less than men they have the power to decide which product or service will serve the family best.

This is why regardless of what industry your business is directed to you should keep in mind the strong decisional power women have and start to target the women population when preparing your indoor advertising strategy.

Why indoor advertising as opposed to outdoor advertising strategy?

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This is because women are more numerous in shopping centers and public places than on highways and main arteries, where men usually travel to commute by car.

Indoor advertising is where you should focus on when dealing with women customers.

The best areas to advertise indoors are actually restrooms. This is because this is a place where women will stay for more than three minutes.

It is therefore the ideal situation for you to deliver your promotional message, allowing for minutes and not mere seconds to present your products or services to potential customers.

It is also true that statistically women are more patient than men, and will, therefore, spend more time reading your indoor advertisement.

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This allows you do add extra content, whereas usually, you would need to be concise and brief, where men are concerned.

You can also aim at specific demographic groups to have a stronger impact on a particular group of customers.

Women in the age group between 18 and 35 are usually found in locations such as nightclubs, bars, and health clubs, so the restrooms in these locations will be an ideal place to install your indoor advertising.

You may even target a larger demographic span from women ages twenty-five to seventy.

You will find the majority of these women in restaurants, cafés, and diners, and most of these locations have restrooms for men and women separately, which means you can target a specific audience.

There are many types of restaurants and cafés of various categories, so before you prepare your indoor advertising strategy, it would be best to consult with a local advertising company.

They know about the area and the demographic types, so you can select the right location to place your indoor advertisement.

Women over fifty are usually found in restaurants, golf courses and bingo halls, so if you want to attract this age group concentrate your advertising strategy in these locations.

If they can be found here this also means that they have reasonable incomes and are amongst those potential customers who are most likely to purchase your products or services.

Indoor marketing aimed at women who belong to these age groups is an excellent advertising strategy, which is sure to drive your sales up and boost your business income.

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