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How To Choose The Best Construction Methods For Building Your House

Although the construction field has gone through many innovations and new methods are used nowadays, these are not necessarily the best ones if you are looking for an energy-efficient house.

Before deciding on what method you are going to use to build your house you should consider several important points such as your location, view, and budget.

The following types are a few you may consider for the construction of your home:

ICF construction are Insulating concrete Forms of construction and one of the newest forms to consider.

This type of construction will provide the maximum energy efficiency in your overall structure. These forms are made of rigid polystyrene foam and serve as a mold during the pouring of concrete and curing, therefore these forms become an integral part of the main structure.

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This provides added thermal insulation within the concrete walls. You can find them under many forms either blocks, planks, or panels that can be adapted to different home styles.

It is worthwhile to consider this system even though the initial cost is higher than wood framing, for it will pay back fairly quickly considering how much more energy you will be saving.

Even if you do not like the look of concrete you can always add interior paneling to cover the concrete and outer coatings for an improved aesthetic touch.

Another advantage is that they will not be damaged by insect or dry rot as opposed to wooden framed houses.

Wood frame constructions are the most popular in the construction industry and many building firms are more acquainted with these systems.

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The advantages are that the materials are easy to find and that builders know how to use them. These houses are also less expensive as opposed to the first example and many house plans fit well with wooden frame construction.

System-built Houses       

These types of constructions come in kits and are cut and assembled in the manufacturers plant. The advantage of these types of houses is that you can choose whatever material you fancy.

You choose the material you want and the components will be fabricated specifically for your house.

These components are made directly at the manufacturer’s plant and can be either small panels or even entire room modules.

They are then delivered to the construction site and the building goes much faster than on the traditional construction sites.

Your house can be completed in less than three months and these materials are built with specific criteria to withstand the stress of transportation, which renders them more resistant than a traditional construction material.

You can choose from different types be it concrete, logs, lumber and more.

Additional construction types can also include the more natural materials such as stone building, which is a good insulating material as it is a natural source and usually easy to find.

You may also consider bricks or even straw bale construction if you live in a dry climate, which is a method that takes into account the environment.

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