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How To Find The Best Catastrophic Health Insurance For Business Travelers

Also known as major medical insurance, catastrophic health insurance only pays for major medical and hospital fees, and does not cover prescriptions and doctors fees. These insurances cover surgery, hospital stays and similar related costs.

Finding the best catastrophic health insurance is not always a simple affair. The insurance should protect you and your family in cases of emergency, but sometimes we cannot afford to pay for an insurance we are not even sure you will be using.

If you think you are going to need this type of insurance, this will make the regular doctors visits and medical prescriptions more expensive, but your monthly premiums will be lower.

So it is up to you to decide if it is worthwhile choosing catastrophic health insurance as opposed to regular medical insurance.

Although you will be paying higher medical fees, in the case of an emergency or catastrophe you are fully covered, and these costs are considerably higher than visits to the doctor.

You can choose between two basic types of catastrophic health insurance.

Comprehensive insurance plan

This type of insurance offers coverage similar to the common health care plans. You will still find that the deductible is high and the monthly payments still low, although higher than catastrophic health insurance. With this kind of plan you are covered for any emergency services, you may need, such as an ambulance ride, visit at the ER.

Supplemental insurance plan

This is a supplement to your basic health insurance. You may also benefit from nursing care and medical appliances with this kind of plan.

Both types of plans in catastrophic health insurance will cover major medical fees, including laboratory tests, surgery, intensive care and hospital stays.

This kind of insurance is not for everyone, so you will have to determine your specific medical needs if you are thinking of subscribing to one.

How to get a cheap catastrophic health insurance

To get a good price for your catastrophic health insurance you will have to look around and compare the rates of different insurance companies.

The easiest and most efficient way is the Internet. Look up all possible insurances and compare their rates and what coverage they offer.

You will be asked to fill a questionnaire about your health history and the kind of insurance you are looking for. Once you have done this you will receive a certain number of quotes from different insurance companies amongst the best-rated ones.

These comparison websites also provide you with an insurance professional, who is available online. You may ask any questions you have on mind related to the type of insurance.

You also have a FAQ section you can browse through to search for the possible questions to consider, which you have not thought of.

Remember that the price is not the only issue, you will have to consider what type of coverage you are getting and other benefits insurance can provide you with.

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