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How To Get Rid Of Greying Hair Without Dyeing It

Before you decide to tackle the frustrating dilemma of greying hair, it is important to understand, why our hair turns grey in the first place.

Although your immediate reaction may be to answer, that age is obviously the cause, it is in fact not always the case.

What is typically true is that as we age, grey hairs start appearing. This is due to the pigmentation of the hair, which declines as the year’s pass.

There are however cases such as stress, anemia, or thyroid problems, which can cause premature greying.

If your condition is a routine aging one, then there is no magical remedy, for as you age the quantity of pigment your body produces, known, as Melanin, starts to decrease and you cannot reverse this process.

If, however, you are still young and you find your hair is turning grey, then this could be due to various factors that can influence the amount of Melanin produced.

The factors could be pollution, the high chlorine content in the water as well as hereditary causes. In these cases, you can use natural treatment to stall this process and delay it.

Although most people use hair dyes, if you are patient enough and persevere with natural treatments, they can be very effective and less damaging for your hair. Keeping your hair strong will also slow down the natural greying due to age.

Henna products are the most common and well known for treating grey hair. Henna is also an excellent tonic, but does tend to dry hair, so it is best used with a mixture of amla powder, boiled tealeaves and mustard oil.

This paste must be applied on the hair and left for two hours, then washed off thoroughly.

A Bitter Gourd (Karela) application is excellent for the restoring of pigment and for darkening hair.

To prepare this oil, chop the bitter gourd with the skin, then soak in a bowl with coconut oil and leave to marinate for four days.

Once it has marinated, boil, cool and strain then squeeze the bitter gourd juice into the oil and apply regularly.

Other good applications for the restoration of pigmentation are black pepper and curd packs, walnut and fenugreek applications.

To prepare the black pepper and curd pack, take half a cup of curd and add a tablespoon of ground black pepper and one lemon juice. Apply this paste regularly.

A walnut application helps to retain the pigment of your hair, just crush the fruit of a walnut and reduce the outer shell to powder then boil in water.

Once it has cooled down apply generously on your hair and scalp, let it absorb for twenty minutes then rinse thoroughly.

As for Fenugreek applications, simply powder the seeds or leaves and boil in mustard oil. Once cooled down strain then apply to your hair.

These are some effective examples of natural ways to treat premature greying hair. If you use them regularly, you will be surprised how effective they are.

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