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How To Have Wonderful And Successful Blind Date?

Dating can be an exhilarating and thrilling experience. But when it comes to dating a complete stranger, is it as exciting as dating people you know?

Some people like playing cupid and take the fate of their own love life into their hands. They start new relationships through arranged dates.

Others simply take blind dating as a sort of adventure or a good platform for finding their soul mate.

Though blind dating sounds simple, to most people it is just the contrary! Even if the planning and preparation are top-notch, unexpected events may crop up and spoil the date.

Keep in mind that this is the first time you are meeting the person, and the two of you will have to adjust and try and be a little compatible with one another during the dating period itself. So, time is precious here!

Confident, outgoing people do not have much difficulty and apprehensions when they go on blind dates, because they can gel with people easily.

For adventurous people, the more difficult the situation is, the more enjoyable it becomes! ‘Expect the unexpected’ is truly what you can expect in this scenario!

Pick the right venue or place. Select a popular, comfortable, and most importantly a public place.

A good restaurant or café is a wise choice. The worst mistake you can make is calling your date to your place because you have to keep in mind your own safety, you do not know the person yet, so take precautions.

‘Clothes maketh a man’, clichéd but true. Find an outfit that’s not too dressy or over the top for the occasion. Also, dress according to the venue.

Do not show too much skin in order to impress your date, casual clothes are fine.

Be yourself, be natural. You can put it in some effort to impress your date but do not overdo it! It only turns out annoying!

Some people get easily worked up when people mention their achievements or academic performances. For God’s sake, this is not a job interview. Relax!

Avoid talking about personal or controversial topics. Revealing your deepest darkest secrets is not a good thing to do on a date!

Converse smoothly on general or light topics. Don’t go overboard, stay within limits. Surely you don’t want to end up grossing out your date. Interests and hobbies are the most commonly talked about topics on dates.

Learn to be a listener too! Don’t go blabbering all the time, you might come across as a ‘too full of yourself’ type of person.

Girls, do not touch upon your make up or fix your hair in front of him if you are a smoker and you direly need to smoke, be polite, and ask for permission.

As far as possible, avoid using cell phones on a date, its rude. If you really have to use it, once again, ask for permission.

If you are disappointed with your date, bear with him/her, there’s no need of getting all worked up, you can always send the date earlier and do it in a polite way, remember, and people might be just as sensitive as you.

Also, dating is not a good time to experiment with exotic and unusual food, do it in other occasions, order food that is decent and light.

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