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Just Bought An Expensive Guitar? Now Insure It!

So you have at last found out your dream guitar for which you had to reach deep down your pocket! Do you know what you should do right now?

You have to insure the instrument without any delay. I am sure you are thinking, “Why on earth I need insurance for my guitar, I have my household insurance all right”.

Well, my friend Bill also thought like you and did not cover his new Gibson. He came to realize his fault only when the insurance company refused to pay soon after his precious guitar had broken down as a result of an unfortunate accident.

The fact was the insurance company discovered that Bill was a semi-professional guitarist. As a professional musician, your guitar is exposed to a number of risk factors that the other household items do not face.

No matter if guitar playing is your hobby or you make an earning out of it, there are a number of insurance companies that will offer you policies perfectly tailor-made for you.

We can feel the pain of a musician who has parted from his instrument; it is not only the source of a musician’s livelihood, it is the source of the joy of his life.

Also, the musician develops an emotional attachment with the instrument and its loss comes as a shock that no amount of money can compensate.

Yet you need to insure your guitar to take care of the practical aspects of your profession. Maybe you will not be in the financial position to replace a valuable vintage guitar that has remained an integral part of your music career.

It may be lost, it may be stolen, or it may be damaged, you never know what can happen to this precious possession of yours.

In that case, you should be prepared to deal with the loss.

While your pain due to emotional bonding with the instrument can not be reduced, the money from the insurance will definitely help you to cope up with the monetary loss and make a fresh start to fulfill your musical ambitions.

You can not predict the situations that may harm your musical instruments. A fire may break out, robbers can break-in, there may be any kind of accident and possibilities are limitless.

If your instrument which is so dear to you is covered by a suitable policy, it will give you a sense of security and you will be able to concentrate more on your music career.

Most of the insurance companies charge a modest premium which is payable monthly or annually.

In return for this little money, your precious instrument stays covered from theft, damage and accidental loss in public places or home, fire or water damages, personal accidents, and many more.

There are a number of insurance companies that will provide you easy payment terms by cash, check, Debit, or Credit card.

You can also insure the essential accessories and equipment for your guitar for a very low premium.

Some companies will even offer you a cover for your second instrument for free. Then, if you are of 16 years of age or above, you can directly insure your guitar.

If the owner is below this age, the guitar can be covered by a policy bought in the name of the guardian. However, there are also certain situations that are excluded from the scope of coverage.

For example, if your instrument gets lost during a shipment and it discovered that it happened as a result of improper and insecure packing, you will get no money from the insurance company.

Then atmospheric damages caused by extreme dryness or humidity will fetch you no money. Similarly, most of the policies would not cover the damage caused by rot, rust, mold, insect, vermin, or woodworm.

Lastly, the musical instrument insurance policies do not generally cover consumable parts of the guitar such as strings, speaker cones, fuses, or bulbs. These lists however vary with different companies.

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