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How To Look Younger, Healthy, And Fit

Mankind has always had the query of how to look younger. Looking and feeling younger and living longer has been a perpetual longing of man. Since ages man has sought answer to the question of how to look younger and is still eagerly waiting for a befitting reply for it.

We all know that youth is transient. Yet we strive endlessly to achieve eternal youth. It is this striving, which has brought to our knowledge several ways and means to retard the process of aging and several more to transform our looks to a more youthful and appealing one.

Very often our appearance takes on an aged look even at a young age. This makes us feel depressed as we all wish to possess ageless beauty. However, we must not lose hope and begin a quest for finding materials and procedures to revitalize our skin and restore its lost youthful glow.

It may also be that our looks have actually turned aged in the natural course of bearing stress and strain over a number of years. Even then we may wish to don a younger look if possible. In this case too there begins the search for younger looks by us.

Causes of lack of youthful looks

Wrinkles are the main cause of aged looks. Acne formed and unattended to over a period of time further aggravates the situation. Besides, grey or lackluster hair also contributes to old or aged looks.

Often a suntan or sunburn marks on the skin deprives it of its youthfulness. Some chronic diseases may also have caused loss to your young looks.

Measures taken to protect young looks

Taking care of the skin on a regular basis helps avoid the ugliness of aging. Use of exfoliant twice or thrice or four times a month helps protect young looks by moisturizing and tightening.

Application of a good quality sunscreen cream or lotion especially when going outdoors acts as a safeguard against damage of skin due to the sun leading to untimely wrinkles and other aging signs of the skin.

Measures to restore youthfulness to looks

Taking a balanced diet comprising of fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals and protein products helps replenish essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients which may have been lost leading to aged looks.

This should be accompanied by regular exercise. Following a healthy diet and exercise regimen does help us look healthy, young, and fit.

Using moisturizers, skin toners and rejuvenating creams by application on face and other skin helps erase wrinkles. The fine lines already formed or forming will be ironed out gradually upon application of good facemasks having a toning and tightening effect on skin.

Vitamin E has been reputed to be very effective as a component of revitalizing or anti-aging creams.

Ways of appearing younger

Creases or wrinkles formed on skin may be effectively concealed by the application of highlighter, which will reflect much light to conceal the shadows of creases.

The so-called concealers actually make lines more prominent. Face powders are also better avoided as they accumulate increases thus highlighting them and forming a patchy mess.

Lash curlers make eyes look more open, lustrous and youthful. Well-groomed eyebrows go a long way to help you get an expressive and beautiful eye.

Long hair styled by pulling back into a ponytail enhances youthfulness while hair styled as bang helps in effectively hiding wrinkles and creases on foreheads.

It may be noted that a major factor determining how we look is the way we carry ourselves. So, we need to dress up and carry ourselves in a youthful manner in-keeping with the recent trends and fashions suiting us.

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